Why Do Old Injuries Come Back Again?

Why Do Old Injuries Come Back Again?

You suffer an injury. Whether it is a cut or a burn you push through it and after a few months or even in some cases a few years later the same injury occurs, and this time it is far worse.

Have you experienced a similar situation? Well at times in our lives we all must have faced similar consequences.

And indeed if you are looking to find answers to such questions then you have come to the right place. In this article, we shall be diving deep to find out why old injuries may haunt you back after several months or even years.

Remember that when any type of injury occurs it is important that you get the right treatment for it. The type of injury also determines what sort of treatment it needs. For example, if you have suffered from any type of musculoskeletal injury then you need to use pills like Pain O Soma 350.

Reasons why old injuries may reoccur

In this section of the article, we are going to discover the reasons why old niggles and pain may reoccur after a long time. So let us check it out…

Stopping treatment too early

Of course, this is one of the major reasons why your old injuries may come back again. Often we see people neglecting their injury when it occurs for the first time. they would get the right sort of treatment, which is perfect but sometimes they would underestimate the severity of the injury.

For example, injuries such as muscle or ligament tears may need up to 8 weeks for complete recovery within which you have to undergo treatment.

While the doctors have recommended you to take complete bed rest during the treatment period you don t do so. You begin to feel well after a couple of months of treatment and begin with your normal lifestyle.

What is further worse is that you stop taking the medicines or the lotions that doctors have recommended you to. What you have failed to understand is that while externally any wound or injury may seem to have healed it is not so from the inside. So do not stop your treatment until the doctors recommend you to.

At times there are certain types of injury such as musculoskeletal pains which need you to take and complete the whole course even if you feel better. Unless you do so your injuries may come back again.

You did not use the right remedy for curing your injury the first time around

This is just another case of patients neglecting and undermining the extent of the injury. Often people tend to understand the true level of an injury and would rather opt for a temporary form of remedy that would treat faster.

We do not understand that even though we are living in the 21st century your body and the time it takes to heal remains the same as it was a century ago. This is because the metabolic process of healing did not change right?

On other occasions, people will opt to save cost on their treatment and would choose to go with these medicines and gels instead of choosing to visit the doctors and take prescription medicines.

While these pills and medications may seem to heal your injuries faster but it does not. Rather on such occasions, you have a majority of chance that your old injury may crop up again.

Thus it is always better to take time and visit the doctors to find out the best possible remedy for your treatment rather than looking to treat injuries faster.

You opted for a temporary form of treat rather than curing it permanently

One of the other reasons why your old injuries may seem to come back again is the fact that you had opted to treat them temporarily. Think about this… do you think that a muscle tear can be just treated using painkillers. Not at all.

Painkillers can help you subdue the pain. So after you have taken your painkiller medicines for a couple of days you may think that you are feeling much better now. but your situation has not improved one bit of you consider the extent of the injury isn’t it?

As we have told you above that, sometimes treatment methods to permanently treat any injury may seem long but you should choose this one.

So the choice is yours. Do you want a temporary remedy that treats faster or a slow healing process but one that can treat the injury permanently?

Not being consistent in your treatment enough

Another probable reason why your old Injuries may creep back again is that you were not consistent enough in your treatment. For example, if you have suffered any musculoskeletal injury and the doctors have recommended you to take pills like Pain o Soma 500 regularly for 21 days.

But the problem is that you keep forgetting to take your pills on time every other day and by the end of 21 days you think that your remedy is entirely complete.

But it isn’t. You see when adopting any form of remedy it is very important to be consistent. You have to keep taking in medicines, apply gels and lotions, and frequent time intervals as the doctors tell you to, or else you will have to suffer from the old injury back again.

Not giving enough time for rehab

The last and the fifth reason which is why your old Injuries have recurred yet again is that you did not give enough time for rehabilitation. After suffering from an injury there are two periods. One is of course the period in which you undergo the treatment. This may heal the wound or cuts.

But it does not make the injured part of the body as flexible or strong as it was before. For this, after your treatment term is over you may also need to go up to a few days or a few weeks of rehabilitation time.  During this time you are doing a few basic exercises to bring on the same form of strength, agility, reflex, and flexibility to the muscles and tissues as it was back again.

Final words

So as you can see in the above sections we have discussed some of the reasons why your old injuries may reoccur. If you are suffering from any injury currently do not make these mistakes.

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