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An overview of Erectile Dysfunction and Its treatment

  • Are you wondering what ED is? Are you already suffering from ED and wondering how do you overcome it?
  • If any of these and other related questions crop up in your mind then this is the ultimate guide that should help you with gaining the basic knowledge and some useful information for it.
  • In this article, we are going to find out about everything right from the start that is what Erectile Dysfunction is and how you might fall in as one of its victims, and also the possible strategies and treatment procedures that may help you to overcome it.
  • Remember that ED is a type of disorder that although is relatable with your penis may leave your sexual life in tatters. There are many instances heard that had to suffer from even divorces due to ED.
  • For sure one thing that you cannot delay when recognizing the early signs of ED is its treatment.
  • An early visit to the doctor and adoption of a means of ED cure strategy early in your life is at least going to check it as you don’t have to bother about it getting severer.

Let’s begin…

Understanding What is ED?

  • ED in short is the male penis disorder where they will lose the capability to get hard.
  • Normally males should be able to get an erection on sexual arousal. But those who are victims of this sexual disorder have lost all capabilities to get hard on their own.
  • ED encompasses the problems of your penis not erecting itself hard even after arousal.
  • Sometimes you may even get an erection but the problem is that neither it is too hard nor does it stay for a long time. It will die down within a few minutes such that you are not able to have a fruitful sex session.

Why may Erectile Dysfunction occur to You?

  • So, now that you have this basic idea of what ED is the next question that may arise in your mind is why does it occur in males.
  • You see for this you will have to understand the means of how a normal man can achieve penile hardness.
  • So all the process begins when your feelings emanate thoughts of having sex.
  • The brain sends signals to the heart and this results in an increase of blood flow into the entire penis region.
  • With more blood flowing the penis tissues increase in girth and size. And when you further stimulate it becomes more sensitive and soon gives rise to an erection.
  • From this, we can easily conclude that any blood flow-related disorder, heart disorder, or nerve disorder may become the possible reasons for ED.
  • We will know about all the disorders that make ED a probable complexity arising out of it.
  • Sometimes it is the older men that are more prone to suffering from ED due to various disorders as mentioned above or sometimes it is the tissues that lose their flexibility to gain an erection.
  • Apart from this sometimes other causes of ED may be inborn, or due to any injury to the penis tissues.

How can you understand the first clues of ED suffering?

  • One of the things that are often the core problem with any disorder is how to understand its symptoms in the early stages.
  • Because if you can clearly understand the symptoms you can surely take the necessary actions such as visiting a doctor.
  • So, how do you understand whether you are suffering from ED or not…
  • Well, this is fairly simple to understand. You see with ED you are going to experience difficulty in gaining erections surely.
  • You may not be able to get a quick erection or even if you do get an erection you may not be able to sustain it for much longer.
  • After all, it seems like you will be able to understand these symptoms clearly.
  • Generally, if you tend to suffer from these problems time and time again each time before having sex it does give you consolidation.

Ways of ED diagnosis

  • Now with these initial symptoms of it is the right time for you to visit a doctor.
  • To get an idea the doctors at first will diagnose to conclude that you have the ED disorder, find out its root cause and then possibly find you a suitable budgetary means of treatment which you can suit too.

So here are some of the ways by which you doctors diagnose ED-

  • Physical exam- which is a basic examination of the penis externally and checking the sensitivity levels of the penis.
  • Blood tests- we already told you above that blood flow disorders can indicate signs of ED. Doctors recommend it to understand whether you have any existing heart diseases, diabetes, low testosterone levels, etc.
  • Urine tests- urine tests can give conclusive evidence about possible ED physical disorders such as diabetes or high cholesterol and so on.
  • Ultrasound exams- sometimes doctors may conduct USG tests to find out whether you have possible blood flow problems or signs of nerve damage in the penis.
  • Psychological examination– The doctors will also converse with the patients to check if they are suffering from psychological stress, anxiety, and depression which are the mental clues of ED.

Possible existing disorders that may cause ED

Now, we look at the possible disorders that may cause ED. You see any existing physical or psychological disorder may trigger ED in you indirectly.

Physical disorders for ED-

  • Diabetes
  • Cardiac ailments
  • Nerve damage or nerve disorders
  • Blood vessel damage
  • Low blood pressure
  • Obesity
  • High cholesterol

Psychological factors that are responsible for ED include-

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fear

It is important to understand all psychological disorders will prevent the brain to generate feelings of having sex and thus the erection procedure never kicks off.

Potential cures for ED

  • Now that you know about the ED causes, it is time for you to understand the potential cures for ED.
  • You see some of the cures are permanent while others are temporary.

Going for ED Surgeries

  • This is how doctors will implant penis implants that are inflatable with the use of penile pumps that allow you to get an erection.
  • These are inflatable devices or prosthetics that allow you to fill the inflatable devices using penile pumps to allow the penis to gain girth and improve in size.
  • Although this is a permanent cure for ED it is not devoid of side effects and of course, the cost of the treatment is beyond the means of most people.

Going for ED Medicines

  • Some medicines are widely known to be the most common way of curing ED.
  • The main problem is that it is just a temporary means of treatment and not a permanent one.
  • There is an entire array of medicines such as Generic Viagra, Generic Cialis, Cenforce, Vidalista, Fildena, Kamagra etc.
  • Remember that the effects last for a couple of hours to at most a day with most ED pills and you have to keep taking them as per the dosing schedule as the doctors tell you to.

Choosing Herbal Treatment for ED

There are some natural treatments or procedures for ED as well. In this section, we will learn about the most common ones.

Acupuncture Therapy

This age-old Chinese method works based on putting pressure and inserting needle pins at the pressure trigger points across the human body. When done it allows to improve the flow of blood and is also able to regularize the flow of hormones that give way for an erection.

Herbs that help with ED Cure

Panax Ginseng

  • This Korean herb has the powers to provide greater stamina for men, and also anti-stress benefits.
  • It can improve the penile rigidity, duration of an erection, and increase libido in semen.


  • It is the bark of a West African tree.. doctors believe that it can ease the blood vessels to allow more blood to flow through them.
  • It can also help you to increase adrenaline supply, and increase your sexual desire.

Mondia Whittie

  • It is the white ginger plant that comes from Africa yet again.
  • Doctors say that sometimes you can use this Ugandan-origin herb to increase sexual desire, sperm motility, boost testosterone levels and increase the flow of nitric oxide in your penis tissues to allow the blood vessels to increase blood supply.

Ginkgo Biloba

  • This is another herb that will allow you to increase the flow of blood through the penis tissues.
  • It does help you to increase your sexual stamina and allows you with sexual arousal of thoughts for having sex.
  • Some of the other herbs that can also help you find a possible cure from ED include horny goat weed, muslin, and saffron.

Other simple habits that help you to Overcome ED

Apart from all the techniques that we have mentioned above, you can as well take part in some of the below-mentioned techniques. We call it the homely remedies to ED cure.

These include-

  • Taking the Right Diet
  • Doing a lot of Exercises
  • Getting rid of addictions to Alcohol, vaping, Smoking, and Drugs