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We recommend all our customers to have a look at the cancelation policy and norms. If you wish to cancel your orders you may do so but it is subject to any terms and conditions as we have given them here.

Going through our cancelation policy and norms will help you to clearly identify and avoid any chances of disputes and confusion later on and this section is so important.

What is the cancellation policy at

The cancellation order rules at are quite in favor of the customers although there are some rules and regulations that you must adhere to.

You are eligible for a cancelation order at only given the fact that you have not received your package. Our cancelation policy does not give you eligibility to cancel your orders at any time once you have received the package already.

You need to ensure that you have not yet received your package and it is yet to arrive at your doorstep.

Can you cancel your order after receiving your package?

No, as we told you above those as you have received the medicine package already you will be eligible anymore for canceling the order. But don’t worry as we have other provisions for you in the form of return and refund orders which you can make use of to get a refund and return the unused untampered product to us but that is also subject to a few clauses.

If you wish to check out the return and refund norms then you can do so by clicking on the return and refunds tab which gives you all the clauses specified by our management.

How can you cancel your orders on

You can cancel your order by visiting the website. Here you can click on the cancellation tab to proceed further. Remember that there is a verification process that you must go through.

The verification process requires you to authenticate an OTP which we will send you via a message sent to your phone. Finally, you can confirm the cancellation order after checking out the details.

Are there any charges for canceling your orders?

Yes, canceling your order means that you are liable to pay a cancellation charge. But this charge is not to be paid by you through an online transfer. We will deduce the cancellation charge amount from your entire refund amount.

You can view your entire cancellation charge amount including other deductibles and the final refund amount on the cancellation confirmation page itself.

What are the deductibles from your cancellation order?

Generally, there is a cancellation charge which is to be deducted from your refund amount. The other deductible heads are any taxes and customs duty as these are collected by the government itself as a part of the taxes and customs charges under the government norms.

What do you must keep a note of while we refund your amount back?

It is entirely up to the customer to share with us all details of their bank which needs to be active at the time of processing the refund amount.

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