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Sharing your Mandatory Information

  • Customers while making an order from our website at do need to agree to share some mandatory information about themselves.
  • If you do not wish to comply with this then you do not leave us without any other option than to cancel your order.
  • We believe that such important and non-redundant information is necessary as a part of keeping records of transactions between us and you.
  • During any future dispute or clarification, we can find your records among millions of others using such information.
  • We always respect your anonymity and therefore ask you to share only some basic information such as your name, mobile number, email id and comply with our age certifications. 

Accepting our Cookie Policy

  • Customers visiting may choose to accept our cookie policy. It is entirely up to them whether they want to comply with our cookie acceptance rules or not.
  • By accepting our cookie policy you permit us to store all your necessary information which you provide during making any order.
  • These include details about you and your payment methods such as debit or credit card numbers but not their PINs.
  • We believe that it might come of help in saving time during making orders time and time again.

Registering on our portal to become a Member with Us.

  • At we do not have any mandatory process for all customers to register with us and become one of our members.
  • This is a decision that is solely dependent on them and whether they would like to register or not.
  • But some advantages registered members enjoy. These include prime access to our medicines at premium discount rates, availing exclusive access to offers, getting cheaper shipping rates, and lots more.


  • You will have to comply with our age certification rules here at which state that to make an online portal you need to be at least 18 years or more. By checking on the tick box you agree to the above clause at your own risk.

Paying online

  • It is one of the primary agreement policies that you need to comply with us. We do not accept payments apart from the ones that are made online.
  • Yes, there is a provision for paying us in cash when you receive the medicine package at your home.
  • You can always come to our portal and pay us online using a host of online payment means such as using your online net banking facility, debit and credit cards, or a mobile wallet.

Sharing your Product Reviews

We always love that our customers share their reviews about us on our portal. It helps us to get essential feedback about our services that include both the satisfactory points and shortcomings.

Although we would love all our customers to share a review or a comment on our portal it is your decision above all. We do not compel you to share a product review mandatorily.

If you use one of our medicines and like it then you may want to leave out a review that helps other people and customers like you to gather a few important information and feedback about our services and website.


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