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Azee 500
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Overview of Azee 500

Azee 500 is a medicine that can provide you with a cure for various types of bacterial infections. The use of this type of antibiotic is multipurpose in the sense that it can be used for curing various types of bacterial infections affecting various parts of the body. Some of the target areas that the infection occurs in include the respiratory tract, lungs, nose, ears, skin, throat, and eyes. You can use the medicine to also get rid of sexually transmitted diseases, fever, and gonorrhea.

To use this medicine means that you are effectively taking 500mg of the generic substance Azithromycin. Remember that using the medicine will first require you to first get hold of the prescription from the doctors as the antibiotic pill has such a diverse end purpose use.

What Is Azee 500 Tablet?

Azee 500 mg is an antibiotic medicine that can get rid of various types of bacterial infections and diseases. Using the medicine is possible both in adults and in children.

The medicine is used in an oral pill form and this means that you have to swallow each pill down your throat. Medicines should be used with some precautions.

With misuse, there may come various side effects of using the pills. So do use the dose only to the amounts that have been recommended to you by your doctor.


Cipla Ltd. is the manufacturer of the pills. Among the most well-known companies in India, it has a long history. It is one of the able manufacturers of various types of medicines. In addition, it has a large market share in both domestic and international markets. The company manufactures several types of medicines as well such as prescription medicines, and generic medicines.


The composition of the Azee 500 pills reveals that it has got one major substance present in the medicines in particular. As the brand is an antibiotic brand it does not need to mention that the substance present in the generic form is an antibiotic form of substance. The name of the substance is Azithromycin which can help prevent certain types of bacterial infections.

Working on Azee 500

Azee 500 is a medicine that can provide you with a complete cure for various bacterial infections that have target sites in various areas of the body. Azee 500 is a medicine that can work to provide actions against the growth and reproduction of bacteria. The antibiotic agent will first work to stop the rapid growth of the malicious bacteria in various target sites in your body.

Then it will begin changing the hormonal compositions in the bacterial cell to dissolve it. Some metabolic processes of bacteria are also hampered by it. It is thus due to persistent hostile conditions that the bacteria eventually die out. You should keep in mind that it may take a few days or weeks for all this to happen. Within this time it is expected that the patient is on a continuing medicine intake.

How To Take Azee 500 Tablet?

To take in the Azee 500 pills is simple and you just need to take them as if you have taken any other oral pill. To take the pills you have to swallow one whole. The intake method needs to be completed via the throat. Sometimes using other fluid substances, especially alcoholic beverages can cause problems in the form of side effects.

Also when on a regular course the doctors may inform you to take more than one medicine depending on the type of bacterial infection or disease that you are suffering from and the type of severity level. When you are on a multiple-dose format around the day you need to keep taking medicines daily at regular intervals.

Precaution Taking Before Azee 500

Inform me if you are taking any other antibacterial medicine at the moment. Antibiotics may have contraindication formation tendencies when taken in with other medicines. You also need to mention any other pre-existing disorders that you may have.

Benefits of Using Azee 500

The first benefit of using the Azee 500 tablet is that it can cure bacterial problems forever. It can help the patient to find relief from the bacterial disease or infection by allowing the killing of the bacteria.

The other way that the medicines can come of good use to you is that it is easily available on various medicine websites and local medicine shops. It is one of the common substances with easier availing options and prices that also seem to be quite cheaper.

Dosage Of Azee 500

Azee 500 has a dose of 500mg of generic Azithromycin in it. This is a medium-strength dose. When you are on a regular course of the drug it is the time regulation foundation that is highly important to adhere to. Make sure you take your medications on time and don’t miss them. That is the foremost priority for you.

  • Overdose

When the generic substance Azithromycin is present in too excess amounts then it may lead to side effects. Remember that the medicine may not be of use for you if you take unnecessary excess dose amounts.

  • Miss Dose

Miss doses of Azee 500 may cause problems. We recommend that missing out on doses is going to increase the treatment time of your overall cure.

Avoid To Take Azee 500

Avoid taking Azee 500 if you are having severe side effects. Or else you may not take it if you need its smaller end dose.

Side Effects of Azee 500

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Fever
  • Abdominal pain
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Dry mouth

Storage of Azee 500

The best conditions to store this medicine are less than 30 degrees Celsius where the humidity levels are low as well. Remember to store the pills in a refrigerator.

Azee 500 Review

The reviews on Azee 500 as given by the patients have been fairly good. The pill has been able to cure bacterial infections in most patients. It has a strong timeline of action and patients have also liked the fact that it can cure so many different types of bacterial problems at once.


Azee 500 is an antibacterial dose. Use it to cure bacterial infections.

FAQs –

Where can I buy it?

Buy it online on the Pills4USA website. Or check out a local medicine shop.

What is the other dose?

Azee 250 is the smaller dose. It is the smaller end dose that can cure a mild variant of the disorders and infections.

Can you tell me what the generic substance of Azee 500 is?

Azee 500 has the substance Azithromycin. It is an antibacterial agent.

Is it safe to drive a car?

Generally driving a car is safe. No side effects or contraindications measures have been observed.

What are the withdrawal symptoms associated with a missed dose?

Withdrawal of doses does not have any negative aspects. Take it as one of the advantages.

Can the drug be used for curing bacterial infections completely?

Yes, Azee 500 can cure multiple variants of bacterial infections. It brings a happy smile to patients.

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