What Causes Sleeping Disorders?

What Causes Sleeping Disorders?

Sleeping disorders are one of the worst and most concerning disorders among us these days. According to various health experts around the world sleeping disorders are taking into grasp more and more people around the world.

Sleeping issues may occur at any of your life. In this article, we are going to find out what are the reasons for suffering from various sleeping disorders.

So let’s begin…

What sleeping disorders these days are more concerning?

Sleeping disorders can be of various types. Some don’t let you sleep while others may cause you to have more sleep than usual while other sleep disorders can make you feel dozed and drowsy during the wakeful hours of the day.

Among the most common sleeping disorders surely has to be insomnia. Yes, insomnia or lack of sleep is currently the most agonizing and concerning sleep issue among us. It constitutes a majority of sleep disorder cases.

In this article in the later sections, we are going to find out what causes insomnia issues in men.

Other than this another most concerning sleeping disorder is narcolepsy. While not many of you may know about the term yet this sleep disorder is slightly peculiar.  The most common symptom of narcolepsy includes making the patient feel drowsy and sleepy during the daytime. Now this can have various reasons again which we shall discuss below but of course, it may occur as a direct result of insomnia. Those who suffer from insomnia and suffer from lack of sleep at night may generally feel sleepy and drowsy during the daytime hours.

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Why sleeping disorders are so concerning?

Before we find out about the actual reasons why you may be suffering from sleep disorders let us know why sleep disorders are so critical.

Here are a few reasons-

·        The symptoms are generally hard to notice and sometimes neglected

Often the symptoms of sleep disorders such as insomnia and narcolepsy are not that noticeable. Firstly the symptoms occur very gradually and you may not notice any overnight changes. Often for the visual symptoms to appear it may take several months or even years.

More than this is the fact concerning the type of symptoms that these generate. The symptoms of sleep disorders are often very generic and trivial and thus neglected among patients. Some of the most common symptoms include feeling drowsy, sleepy, tired, fatigued, having headaches, digestion disorders, and others.

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·        Sleep disorders can lead to a plethora of other disorders

Sleeping disorders such as insomnia and narcolepsy can lead to several other health issues. You see, while you don’t think that ignoring sleep is that much of a big issue but it is one of the most important metabolic processes that is vital for your good health.

Having a sleep disorder opens the route for almost all other types of health disorders such as suffering from severe allergies and infections due to lack of immunity, suffering from cardiac disorders, and high blood pressure often leads to a rise in heart attack chances, brain stroke, depression, anxiety, digestive disorders, liver and kidney malfunctions. Even your sexual life may be hampered.

Exploring the actual reasons behind suffering from sleep disorders

Now, in this section, we are going to find out the actual reasons why you may be suffering from sleeping disorders right now.

·        Too much reliance on drinking alcohol and the use of daily narcotic drugs

Of course, if there has to be one specific reason for sleeping disorders it has to be your drinking issues and the daily use of narcotic substances such as cocaine and marijuana.

Drinking alcohol and administration of daily drugs may in the temporary run of things make you feel sleepy and drowsy but over a long time it can take away your sleep too. according to a study in the US drinking and drug habits alone contribute to causing around 20% of sleep disorder cases among both males and females.

It is important to recover from your addictive habits to such substances for which you need to have self-control more than anything else in life.

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·        Taking medicines that make you wakeful for extensive hours

A slightly unknown issue for suffering from health disorders has to be the use of certain medicines. Some medicines can promote wakefulness and alertness. For example, such medicines include the names Artvigil 150 and Modalert 200.

But in case you don’t know such medicines are often one of the remedies to Treating narcolepsy which is the sleeping disorder itself. See, the fact is that if you are using such medicines and are a patient of narcolepsy you need to monitor the time for taking such pills.
As such medicines may remain active for more than 12 to 15 hours you need to administer medicines during the day. if you consume such medicines in the afternoon or evening time, likely, the effects of the medicine may not allow you to get a comfortable sleep at night.

·        Suffering from pain

One of the likely reasons why you might be suffering from insomnia or even narcolepsy which makes you sleepy at night may be your pain. Yes, it is quite obvious to understand that someone who is suffering from pain may not have peaceful sleep at night unless the right remedy for curing the pain is adopted.

Often the major types of pain that may hamper your night’s sleep include suffering from pain resulting from arthritis, injuries, post-surgical pain, post-pregnancy pain, menstrual cramps during periods in females, suffering from neural pain, and other nerve disorders such as diabetic neuropathy, neuralgia, and seizures.

Get to the doctor now and find an appropriate remedial method to cure it.

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·        Poor diet and food choices

More than anything your diet may be causing sleep hazards and disorders. A poor diet consisting of too many rich foods and fatty food items may take longer time to digest than usual. And guess what it may easily lead to suffering from digestive problems such as gas, indigestion, and dysentery at night which hampers your sleep.

Even if you take the recommendation from doctors it is not good to take a meal that is rich in carbs at night. The reason is simple carbohydrates provide energy and may make you feel more active when it is bedtime for you.

Final say

So, in the above sections, we have come up with reasons for having sleeping disorders and even looked at why sleep disorders can make your life turn into a living hell.

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