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Azee 1000
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About Azee 1000

  • Azee 1000 is a drug that belongs to the group of medicines known as antibiotics.
  • This category of drugs is very popular among people due to their regular use in everyday life.

What Is Azee 1000 Tablet?

  • Being an Antibiotic Azee 1000 fights bacterial infection in different parts of the body such as the nose, throat, lungs, skin, eye etc.
  • It is a prescription specific drug there, for better results take it as per the prescription
  • The tablets of Azee are soluble in water so, avoid taking the drug with alcoholic beverages, juice, shakes, soda etc.
  • The pills should not be taken by those who have heart, renal, or liver problems.


  • It is the product of a pharmaceutical giant, Cipla Ltd. The name needs no introduction and all of us must have used some of the other drugs of Cipla sometime.
  • It is an Indian pharmaceutical company that is listed in both the stock exchanges BSE and NSE. It has been in the business of drug making for multiple decades.
  • Its products reach more than 50 countries across the globe and are free to be sold there.
  • Its product portfolio includes almost all categories like painkillers, stimulants, anti-viral, anti-malarial, anti-bacterial, antibiotics, anti-depressant, sexual wellness, anti-tuberculosis etc.


  • The main or the active ingredient of Azee 1000 is Azithromycin, which occupies more than 90% of the total composition.
  • Preservatives and catalysts make up the balance of the makeup. Do not worry about the composition, if the doctor has approved it then take the drug without any worry.

How does Azee 1000 Work?

  • Azee 1000mg works to overcome bacterial infection by damaging the nerve cells of the bacteria.
  • Thus, the bacterial gets paralyzed, which leads to no synthesis action of the proteins in host cells.
  • This makes it unable to spread the infection anymore and the person is cured.

How To Take Azee 1000 Tablet?

  • Azee 1000 is a swallowable tablet so, swallow it with a glass of water.
  • Take the tablet in strength and dosage as per the prescription.
  • Take azee 1000 without prescription.
  • Do not chew, break or disintegrate the tablets during consumption as it is not recommended.
  • The drug must be taken at fixed timings to create a rhythm that facilitates the smooth functioning of the drug.

Dosage Of Azee 1000

Over Dose

  • Taking excess doses of this medicine is harmful and leads to serious side effects, some of which are even life-threatening.
  • This is why physicians encourage patients to closely follow their prescriptions. To prevent such side effects, take the person to the doctor immediately.

Miss Dose

  • Missing the dose makes the drug less effective, leading to an extension of the dose. If you have missed the dose then take it as soon as possible.
  • But if the next dose is very close then don’t take the missed dose. Wait to take the next dose but do not try to compensate for the missed dose by taking excess pills.

Other Dosage of Azee

Precaution Taking Before Azee 1000

  • Always follow every instruction given in the prescription. Make changes to the prescription only after the doctor’s permission.
  • While diagnosis tells the doctor about your medical history, addictions, mental health, relationship issues, food habits, sleep cycle etc.

Benefits of Using Azee 1000

Relief from bacterial infection

  • Azee 1000 mg when taken as per the prescription is very much beneficial in treating bacterial attacks.
  • The drug damages the nervous system of the bacteria to cease its spread of infection. But remember all this benefit exists till you follow the prescription.

Avoid To Take Azee 1000

  • Azee 1000 should be avoided if the patient is found allergic to the drug.
  • Do not take it, if you are already taking another antibiotic currently. Never use multiple antibiotics at the same time, this will lead to overdose.
  • Do not take the drug if it is not prescribed by the doctor.

Side Effects of Azee 1000


Itching, inflammation, fever and headache are some of the most common side effects after taking Azee 1000. Do not get tensed as these are just minor side effects that don’t need doctors’ attention.

Body Pain

You may experience mild pain in various parts of the body. This pain will not last for more than a few hours or a day. Apply a pain relief ointment after consulting the doctor.

Storage of Azee 1000

  • Azee 1000 is a drug that can be stored at a normal temperature between 25oC to 40o  
  • Do not store the drug in places where it will come in direct contact with sunlight.
  • The tablets must be kept away from high humidity areas because too much moisture dampens the drug.
  • Store the tablets with care to prevent them from breaking.

Azee 1000 Review

  • Overall, It is an effective drug that has the trust of doctors and patients for decades in dealing with a bacterial infection.
  • If you want to check reviews of Azee 1000 visit Pills4usa and read fully certified reviews.


Azee 1000 is a prescription specific drug, so avoid risking your life by violating the specific strength and dosage. The drug will work at its full potential only if we follow each and every instruction in the prescription. The drug is fully approved and certified so; you need to show the prescription while buying.


Is Azee 1000 approved by FDA?

Azee 1000 is one of its kind drug that is approved by multiple drug regulating agencies like FDA, TGA, PMDA, CDCSO etc. Hence, the drug is highly trusted and safe to use.

Can we take Azee 1000 with alcohol?

Following the prescription Azee 1000 should only be taken with water and no other liquid. Taking this medicine with alcohol may lead to sleepiness, dizziness or even heart attack.

Can a heart patient take Azee 1000?

Patients with heart, kidney, or liver disease should avoid using Azee 1000 since they are more susceptible to negative effects. Small negligence may even risk the life of such people. This is why report to the doctor immediately.

Is Azee 1000 effective in curing Bacterial Attacks?

  • The main role of Azee is to cure bacterial attacks. And the drug stands on its expectation provided you keep following the prescription.
  • When a drug is certified by 10 drug regulators it shows how trustworthy it is.

Where to buy Azee 1000 from?

  • Azee 1000 can be purchased from several medical shops.
  • But if the store is out of stock, then visit any online pharmaceutical shop and place the order there. Azee 100 buy online from Pills4usa.

Can I take Azee 1000 if suffering from depression?

Depression is a mental situation when the stress levels ate too high. This leads to behavioral changes and nervousness. Get a checkup from the doctor and equate it with Gujaratis. If the doctor allows you to take Azee 1000 then happily take it or else not.

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