Terms & Condition

Users who are buying medicines on Pills4usa.com have to adhere to certain policies and terms and conditions on our website as given here.

You need to read the terms and conditions page to avoid all disputes later.

Furnishing all your Information Correctly

  • The customer is solely liable for sharing all their information correctly.
  • Any withheld facts or any misled communication is liable to make your order stand canceled at our end.
  • Any customer trying to buy medicines from Pills4usa.com with fraudulent information stands a chance of getting blacklisted on our portal.
  • We will be communicating with you post your successful order only via your mobile number sending messages at critical stages of the ordering process and transit process.
  • You will also get time-to-time information in your email. We ask you to furnish your contact details correctly.

Giving the correct address

  • Furnishing the exact address is extremely important for doorstep delivery.
  • We do send home delivery right across the US to our customers but that is provided the fact that you have shared your address correctly.
  • Any address that is non-traceable might lead to rejecting of the order and thus it will be sent back to our office.
  • We will also send you the ETA via a message on your delivery date ahead. Make sure that someone is back at home to receive the delivery.

Cookie acceptance Policy

  • Accepting cookies is entirely on behalf of the customer. It is your wish if you want to accept cookies from us or whether you want to reject them.
  • Those who accept cookies will give permissions to us on saving the details about their personal information and preferred mode of payment.
  • You can also wish to cancel our cookie policy at any time.

Registration of public Users

  • There is no need to register on our portal. Customers coming into our portal don’t have to register with us mandatorily.
  • They can order medicines directly even without completing the registration process.
  • At the time of final order confirmation though you have to share some basic primary information with us that includes your personal information and your contact details.

Confirmation of Age Guidelines

  • All our customers who agree with the age confirmation rules of being more than 18 years shall be led to our portal.
  • It is entirely on the risk of the customer to agree to our age rules.
  • If on finding that the customer is not above 18 years and that they fraudulently agreed to the age guidelines then their orders will stand canceled.

Paying Us

  • We only accept online modes of payment. You will have to agree to make payments to us by way of choosing one of these modes.
  • Any accepting of payment by cash is only acceptable when the customer chooses for delivery on payment option. Any payments done by cheque will not be accepted.

Time for delivery

We do try and deliver your package within 24 hours. But sometimes due to external emergencies such as lockdowns, political instability, natural calamities, or delay at customs your order may take more than usual time.


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