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Pain O Soma 350mg
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Overview of Pain O Soma 350

Pain O Soma 350 is a medicine that can come to your rescue in case you are suffering from muscular pain.

The medicine has the effect of bringing patients relief from muscle spasms, sprain, and other forms of muscular injuries for whatever reason.

The generic substance that is to bring on such effects is known as Carisoprodol. It is a substance that enables temporary relief from musculoskeletal pain for a patient.

Its excess use may bring in side effects so you need to beware of it. The possibility is that on overdose you may have to experience some of the side effects.

What Is Pain O Soma 350 Mg Tablet?

Pain O Soma 350 mg is there to bring you relief from musculoskeletal pain. If you have bruises, pain, sprain, or spasms that is when the pill can be put to the right use.

Pain O Soma 350 is a smaller variant under the dose name as we will see later with another high dose being available too.

However, the choice of selecting a dose for a patient needs to be left out to the doctors since this is quite a complicated task.

The use of Pain O Soma 350 is only done for a short time of not more than 3 weeks or 21 days.

Remember that its overuse can bring in side effects or even withdrawal symptoms.


HAB Pharma is the manufacturing company for the pills.

The pill owns the right to use this brand name since it has all the rights and approvals from the governing authorities in India.

The company uses this brand name on the medicine sachets and also uses it for promotion and marketing purposes.

It will also hold the rights for distribution and meet export orders.


As we told you above the prime substance that is present in the pills to bring you relief from musculoskeletal pain is the substance Carisoprodol.

Carisoprodol is a temporarily active substance. with one pill you will get around 10 to 12 hours depending on the suitability of the drug inside the patient’s body.

This is the only substance that will work to kick in all the effects.

What are the dosage instructions for Pain O Soma 350 Mg?

Pain O Soma 350 is a smaller variant dose. Each dose within this one will have a 350mg dose of generic Carisoprodol.

Apart from this dose, there is also a higher variant and that is the 500mg dose with an equivalent amount of generic Carisoprodol.

Over Dose    

Chances of excess intake can make patients suffer from side effects. Remember that the level of your musculoskeletal pain and the amount of dose should be at par with each other and of course, the patient must be able to suit the dose as well.

Miss Dose

Pain O Soma 350 with generic Carisoprodol will only work to induce consistent effects. When you keep missing doses every few days it may not have the same levels of efficacy meaning that your treatment time may get elongated. You may not find a complete cure either.

How Does Pain O Soma 350 mg Work?

Pain O Soma 350mg tablet begins work when it can release the major substance that is inside of the pills which is Carisoprodol.

As soon as this substance is present it will hamper the electrical impulse generation and transmission activity of the affected muscle region.

Thus in a way you can say that the affected muscle region in a way will lose its communication abilities with the brain.

Thus not being able to communicate with the brain any further the damaged muscles will find relief from pain.

How To Take Pain O Soma 350 Tablet?

Pain O Soma 350 is an oral pill that you need to take with water. As we all have at some stage in our lives taking an oral pill there is not much to discuss here.

On the other hand, Pain O Soma 350 needs some other instructions to follow for the patient during its intake time.

The most important among them is to avoid being under the influence of alcohol or narcotic substances.

Pain O Soma 350 may fuel up some of the side effects such that they will turn into their severe modes.

Sometimes the doctors may also prescribe you to take two pills and on such occasions, you need to keep equal time gaps between the pills.

Benefits of Using Pain O Soma 350

The first benefit that you derive from the use of the Pain O Soma 350 pills is that they can bring you relief from the intense pain in the muscles.

With one medicine intake, you can say goodbye to muscular pain for at least half of the entire day.

If the levels of musculoskeletal pain are extremely severe then doctors may even recommend you to have two pills.

Who should not take Pain O Soma 350 Mg?

Do not take Pain O Soma 350 if you are having severe kidney disorders. Also, avoid having the pills if you have an epileptic disorder tendency. Ensure to inform about such pre-existing disorders to your doctor.

What are the adverse side effects of Pain O Soma 350 Mg?

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Nervousness
  • Anxiety
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Rapid breathing
  • Rise of heartbeat

Precaution & Warning Taking Before Pain O Soma 350

As we told you above alcohol and addictive substances such as cocaine and marijuana are the ones that you need to avoid at least during the entire time the Carisoprodol dose is active.

If you are having any other musculoskeletal problem and take any sort of treatment or pill for it makes sure to inform the doctors.

The pill may not be suitable too for patients having kidney disorders and epileptic disorder tendencies.

Storage Condition of Pain O Soma 350

Storing your pills of Pain O Soma 350 pills is best done in temperatures of less than 30°C with low humidity problems. Ensure do not store your pills in a refrigerator.

Pain O Soma 350 Review

Patients seem to like using the pill Pain O Soma 350 a lot. As most patients say it seems to have a very strong efficacy from its use and can cure muscle pain completely during its active dose time.


Pain O Soma 350 is a muscle relaxant. It helps relieve all sorts of pain in the muscles and muscular tissues.

FAQs –

Where can I buy Pain O soma 350?

To buy the pills patients come with two major options. Buying online or offline but in the end, it is a matter of personal choices and preferences. Pain O soma 350 is for sale at a low price at Pills4usa.

What are the other doses?

There is a higher variant of the Pain O Soma 350 and that is the Pain O soma 500 dose. it is the higher variant given to those with a severe level of muscular pain disorder.

What is the generic substance of the Pain O Soma 350?

Pain O Soma 350 is a Carisoprodol-containing substance. It will work by inducing relief from muscle pain.

Is it safe to drive a car?

No driving is not safe at all. Some side effects may cause difficulty while driving.

Can a missed dose bring about withdrawal symptoms?

Yes, sudden leaving of dose intake may bring on some side effects., ensure to reduce your dose gradually for a few days before the complete stoppage.

Can the drug be used for curing musculoskeletal pain completely?

No, permanently curing the pain is not possible. It is a temporary means allowable for a maximum of 21 days at a stretch.


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