What Is The Major Cause Of Erectile Dysfunction?

What Is The Major Cause Of Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction seems to be a growing sexual disability among males. Earlier the common notion was that males would only face erection issues as they age beyond their 50s or late in their 60s. But this common notion seems to be entirely wrong and is proven a myth these days with many males as early as within their 20s or 30s or 40s seeming to be having issues with erecting their penis hard and sustainably enough.

If you are one of those, regardless of your age group, have you ever pondered about why such issues are cropping up?

If not then this article should give you an idea about some specific issues which can make you prone to having erectile dysfunction. No doubt having such issues does not mean that you will be definitely suffering from ED but your risk to become prone to it rise dramatically.

To put it simply in this article we will discuss some of the reasons why a male patient may be a victim of impotence concerns.

Let’s begin…

Why do erection problems occur in males?

It is possible that you have to take a daily pill of Fildena 100mg due to many reasons. Impotence although it may directly concern a lack of penis erection may indirectly be linked to disorders that you may find surprising enough.

Although erection disorders may occur directly as a result of sustaining an injury or wound to the penis region such cases registered with ED patients are less.

The majority of the cases found among impotent males have back-end issues that relate to an existing disorder.

Doctors and researchers feel that both physical incapabilities and mentally unfit patients having mental issues may be prone to erectile dysfunction. In this article, we are mostly going to focus on these existing disorders which may crop up erection trouble as a further added complexity in your life.

Physical disorders triggering ED

Let us first have a look at the issues which are occurring physically inside of you that causes ED trouble.

·         Cardiac disorders

Almost half of the entire registered cases of ED in men have a cardiac disorder which is the entire reason behind your lagging erections. Cardiac issues such as arrhythmia, valve disorders, angina, cardiac myopathy and so on may all tend to reduce the flow of blood due to the existing complications with your heart resulting in your penis not getting sufficient blood flow supply that is needed to achieve erectile dysfunction.

·         Diabetes

Long-term diabetic patients are more prone to erectile dysfunction because of the severe damage that high blood sugar levels bring to the arterial and capillary walls. At times the minute capillaries are completely damaged resulting in total blood blockage or severely hampering normal blood flow through them that results in penis erection incapability.

·         Obesity

Obesity is one of the more concerning reasons for having male patients succumb to ED issues with most patients being in their 20s or 30s. As is true it is your diet and lack of food intake discipline that is to blame. Obesity may occur due to other reasons such as high stress but primarily it occurs due to your insatiable food cravings for all the junk food items.

Obese patients have high amounts of adipose and fatty tissues mostly in the lower belly and abdominal region that severely impact the flow of blood to the penis. Incapable of having enough blood flow usually causes a lack of penis hardness.

·         High cholesterol

High cholesterol is again one of the more concerning reasons for erectile dysfunction primarily in the youth these days. Having high cholesterol means that your blood would get too viscous due to the presence of high cholesterol. Eventually, your blood tends to lose its usual flowing capabilities which makes men susceptible to having an ED issue.

·         Nerve disorders

Even male patients who are having any existing nerve disorder may be suffering from impotence issues and having to depend on medicines such as Vidalista 60 for their erection abilities.

Having nerve disorder your brain would generally be unable to communicate and send signals to the penis to increase blood flow supply to the region which is one of the prerequisite processes to achieve hardness.

·         Arterial issues

Even having arterial issues such as atherosclerosis could be the cause of ED although this is one of the minor cases of erectile dysfunction only occurring in very few patients.

But having arterial disorders it may be possible that many of your arteries within the penis region may have been clogged or have been damaged completely jamming blood flow through them. As with most of the other physical issues, as we have seen above, it is the lack of blood flow supply to the desirous amounts that does not let you achieve a strong and hard erection.

Mental disabilities fuelling impotence

Just like physical disabilities, there could be some mental troubles as well which may fuel early and severe symptoms of impotence.

·         Stress

Severe stress or those who are already suffering from stress disorder would be severely tensed or under mental pressure. This makes them devoid of feeling romantic and achieve sexual thoughts to become intimate with their partners fuelling ED.

·         Depression

Depression is again one of the reasons for erectile dysfunction mostly among young males. As with stress, anyone suffering from depression would mostly have a distaste or a lack of sexual thoughts as they are morally too sad or emotional about any situations in their lives.

·         Anxiety

Someone who is suffering from anxiety disorder and experiencing anxiety attacks could also be prone to having erectile dysfunction. Here again, the prime reason for having erectile dysfunction would be the uncontrolled and relentless flow of thoughts that completely deviates you from feeling sexually intimate towards your partner.

Can your lifestyle be held responsible for erectile dysfunction nuisance?

Yes, your lifestyle is one of the key issues which may also indicate someone being more prone to erectile dysfunction. It specifically includes those who are severely addicted to the use of narcotics and alcohol, those who don’t sleep well at night and probably suffer from sleep disorders, and those who don’t have a properly balanced diet.

Final say

So as you can see in this article we have dived deep looking at some of the reasons which may make you prone to having erectile dysfunction or else you are already a sufferer of the penis disorder. Confirm from the doctors which one of these issues is triggering ED in your case.

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