My Hardness Is Fading Is This An Erectile Dysfunction

My Hardness Is Fading- Is This An Erectile Dysfunction?

Often men may face issues where they may see the hardness of the penis and erectile dysfunction will eventually fade away. But is it the first sign that you have ED or erectile dysfunction? Well, if you are also witnessing similar issues with your penis hardness you have just come to the right place to get some crucial information. In this article, we will find out what ED is, what its symptoms are, and what you need to do if you are seeing your erections fade away.

So let’s begin…

Why Your Erection is Fading Away?

Why Your Erection Is Fading Away?




Men mostly of the elderly age may have this trouble where they are not able to attain a strong and hard erection for long. Some of them could get a strong and hard erection but it becomes a real challenge the erection long enough to satisfy your sexual cravings.

The problem with fading erections is that you are not able to penetrate and eventually cannot achieve sexual lust or orgasm which may lead to sexual dysfunction. Well, your erections fading away could imply certain outcomes.

·    Age

Age is one factor. As we told you above elderly men may not be able to sustain hard erections for long enough and it is a common biological process. Since you are no longer in your sexual prime years the penis muscles are not strong enough to hold erections long enough.

·    Other issues

Well, many other issues imply your erection is fading away. You may not be focused on having sex, you do not have a sexual desire, and you are suffering from anxiety and stress which makes strong erections lose quickly. And of course, there is the problem of sexual disorders such as ED as we are about to discuss.

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What Erectile Dysfunction Is?

Most of you may not have heard of the term ED ever before in your life. ED or erectile dysfunction refers to this incapability in males where they would not be able to have or sustain a strong and hard erection long enough. Since it is a form of sexual disorder those men having ED symptoms like losing an erection fast will need to get in touch with the doctors immediately.

Erectile Dysfunction

ED or impotence may be a reason that occurs due to penile injuries, or suffering from mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, and panic issues. Even other physical disorders such as heart disorders, nerve disorders, obesity, high cholesterol, and diabetes can lead to this sexual trouble in your life. Such a patient will need to consult with the doctor about regaining erectile strength using medicines such as Cenforce 200 mg.

Understanding the symptoms of erectile dysfunction- loss of an erection quickly

Of course, the basic symptoms of ED are not that hard to notice. As a patient of this sexual disorder, you will notice the symptoms yourself only. The basic symptom of having erectile dysfunction is the loss of an erection.  men having this sexual disorder do not fathom enough penile strength to attain a hard erection and sustain it long enough. Quick fading of an erection for a long time surely means that it may denote having ED. Remember that you will need to notice the symptoms of ED and if they are occurring often each time while having sex it is a big clue.

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What to Do if Losing Erections Faster?

Well, having noticed the symptoms of erectile dysfunction you will need to take proactive steps to bring your sexual life back to normal. But before abruptly beginning the use of any medicine we would recommend you to get a proper diagnosis and consultation with the doctors. This will help you to find out the severity of ED, and the actual cause behind it. And of course, the doctors will also help you to guide you with a suitable form of treatment based on your budget.

Possible Treatments for Loss of an Erection Faster

For those men who are having ED symptoms such as losing an erection quickly, the doctors may recommend various forms of treatment. ED is curable with a suitable mix of adequate medicines and reforms in your natural lifestyle and habits.

Here are the most common treatments for erectile dysfunction that you may have heard about-

Possible Treatments For Loss Of An Erection Faster

·    Use of medicines

Yes, it is common these days for doctors to recommend ED patients to use pills such as Fildena 100 mg. Such a type of treatment is highly affordable and is available at low cost. Further on, the benefit of using medicines to cure ED is that its impact is almost immediate. You can find a strong and hard erection occurring within minutes of having such a medicine. On the downside, the main problem is that it is a short-term cure only and will not help if you are looking for a permanent solution to ED.

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·    Going for Surgeries

Surgical treatment options for treating erectile dysfunction include arterial re-orientation surgeries and surgeries that insert penile implants in your penis tissues. Such treatments are very highly budgeted and hence it is not affordable for all. Plus there are some severe downsides and side effects if the surgery is not a success. You may end up having infections on the site, suffer from internal bleeding, and so on.

·    Herbal Remedies for Curing Erectile Dysfunction

Yes, just like allopathic medicines there are ayurvedic and herbal remedies available in the form of oral pills and supplements as well that help you attain a strong and hard erection. Ask any herbal expert for curing erectile dysfunction and they will recommend you use supplements that contain substances such as Gingko biloba,  Chinese red ginseng, horny goat weed, and so on.

·    Homely Remedies And Lifestyle Improvement

You will have to reform your lifestyle and habits to a certain extent if you want to bring back the excitement in your sexual life. Some of the steps in this regard include avoidance of to use of alcohol and cocaine, ensuring proper sleep, devoiding stress and anxiety, and spending enough time romancing with your partner.

Final Say

So, as you can see in this article we have talked about the symptoms of fading erections and whether it implies that you have erectile dysfunction or not. Get in touch with the doctor immediately on witnessing such symptoms.

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