Is Lack Of Intimacy A Cause For Erectile Dysfunction?

Is Lack Of Intimacy A Cause For Erectile Dysfunction?

Are you someone who is lagging in intimate moments with your partner? Are you having to deal with problems with erections that are degrading the quality of sexual life? In this article, we have come up with a detailed analysis of how suffering erectile dysfunction may hamper your sexual relationship with your partner.

Firstly we shall find out about the disorder ED in itself and then find out about the issues on how such a disorder could cause a lack of intimacy between you and your partner.

Last but not least we have also come up with some remedial steps and methods for curing ED. So let’s begin…

Understanding ED

See, many of you may not have any idea about what erectile dysfunction is. So it is critical to know about this male sexual disorder at first before we find out how exactly it can hamper your sexual life.

Erectile dysfunction is an issue concerning the penis and its erection capabilities. Having this trouble men would face issues with having and sustaining an erection. Somehow men suffering from erectile dysfunction issues will not be able to achieve erectile dysfunction. regardless of the amount of stimulation and the playful techniques adopted to have an erection, they would constantly fail in it.

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Such a disorder although it relates to your penis could occur due to other existing disorders. of course, if you are suffering from any penis injury or infection it could affect your penis erection abilities but more than that it has to deal with the other existing issues.

ED may have both physical and psychological issues linked to it. it could occur due to physical reasons such as cardiac disorders, low blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, and so on.

Moreover, even psychological disorders could be the key to your penis erection issues. men suffering from severe stress, anxiety, or depression could not have the same level of ease in achieving a strong and hard erection.

How ED may ruin your sexual relationship?

ED as you can guess by now, can easily undermine the level of erections and therefore it also impacts your intimate relationships with your partner. Not being able to achieve a strong and hard erection could potentially cause you many problems in your intimate life.

·         Having ED does not allow you to penetrate

It is quite true that men suffering from erectile dysfunction issues will not be able to achieve a hard erection. And of course, due to this reason alone, it becomes tough for males to penetrate the vagina in females. This is how it can cause a big problem in your sexual life. With incomplete sexual bliss and satisfaction, you tend to lead a degraded relationship with your partner.

·         With ED you are not able to achieve orgasm or ejaculation in males

As men suffering from ED would have a hard time achieving erections it is quite logical that they may not be able to achieve orgasms or ejaculation too. the sexual functioning in males is designed in such a way that they have to achieve a strong and hard erection first and only after which they can achieve orgasm or ejaculation.

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So if you are not able to achieve hard erections in the first stage how can you achieve ejaculation and orgasms? Such sexual satisfaction is completely avoided in males suffering from penis erection issues.

·         ED issues can further cause anxiety and stress further hampering your sexual life

The problem is that as you tend to suffer from erectile dysfunction issues you tend to get more frustrated and anxious. And this can potentially backlash on your ED issue making it further more aggravated. Having stress as we have seen above is one of the obvious reasons why men have to suffer from severe issues of ED.

What to do if experiencing ED symptoms?

Now, let us find out what you can do if you are experiencing ED issues and symptoms. See, the first thing for you at this stage will be to consult with a doctor without any further delay. Most often it is seen that males would try and neglect discussing or consulting with the doctor about such intimate issues.

But with this, you only suffer the risk of aggravating your ED even further. Visit a doctor at the earliest and break all your inner shackles as this way you can also bring back your sexual bliss and probably even save your marriage.

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Doctors will generally discuss with you to examine the erection capabilities of the penis externally and then recommend a suitable method of treatment. Most often doctors will recommend you to make use of medicines such as Vidalista 20mg along with a few basic lifestyle changes to ensure better quality of erections.

The homely remedies for treating erectile dysfunction

It is not that if you have ED you need to undergo a costly treatment such as a penis surgery or any of those. Even the simple and seemingly insignificant lifestyle changes done at home and abiding by it over the long tenure can help you to enhance better quality of erections.

Some of the best homely remedies for erectile dysfunction include-

·         Avoiding any form of addiction

You have to avoid any form of addiction to alcohol, and other narcotic elements such as cocaine or marijuana. Avoid these substances in your life as these can cause ED by causing heart issues, or making you further depressed and anxious.

·         Following a strict diet

Men must follow a strict diet when they are suffering from erectile dysfunction. you have to specifically increase the number of certain food items such as vegetables like spinach, kale, red bell peppers, and cauliflower, fruits such as watermelon, berries, and apples, and fishes such as tuna, garden, and of course lean meat only.

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·         Doing meditation and yoga

Meditating and yoga can help you to benefit psychologically by reducing your severe stress and anxiety. Doing yogic exercises also allows your prostate region to receive enhanced blood flow which may further increase the quality of erections.

Final say

So as you can in this article we have discussed in detail how erectile dysfunction issues can degrade your quality of sexual life. We have further emphasized the methods of treating erectile dysfunction such as the use of medicines like Kamagra oral Jelly under the supervision of a doctor along with some lifestyle changes.

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