Why My Back Pain Is Coming Back Again And Again?

Why My Back Pain Is Coming Back Again And Again?

Does the pain in the back trouble you often? Does the back pain spread from one spot to another? Does the pain radiate from the back to other portions of your body? If yes, you are troubled with back aches. Many people go through back pain at some point in time. Back pain has no age limit. The pain in the back happens to people of any age.

Back pain can be a dull pain to sharp pain. At times, the pain in the back can shoot down to the leg. Some people experience moderate back pain. Others may experience severe back pain. It may happen that back pain can come all of a sudden. Sometimes, back pain can be due to lifting heavy items or an accident. If you fall, you may develop the risk of back pain.

Some people go through back pain due to age-related degenerative changes in the spine. Certain medical conditions or inflammatory arthritis disorders may also give rise to back pain. When the pain in the back starts, you should get immediate treatment. Doing some home remedies may help treat back pain. At the same time, you can take Pain O Soma 350 to relieve back pain.

Types Of Back Pain

As per health experts, there are three types of back pain. Men or women experience any of the three types of back pain sooner or later. People of all ages are likely to suffer from any of the three back pain.

Acute back pain takes place all of a sudden. In acute back pain, the pain in the back can last for a few days or a few weeks. In chronic back pain, the pain in the back naturally comes without any signs or slowly. The pain may last for more than 12 weeks.

People with chronic back pain may experience unbearable pain every day. In subacute back pain, it is probable to experience back pain all of a sudden. The pain in the back may last for 4 to 12 weeks.

Factors Increase The Risk Of Back Pain

Any person can have back pain and any person can experience back pain at some point of age. Several factors increase the risk of back pain. Some important factors are listed below.

* Back pain tends to be more severe with age. As you grow older, back pain tends to be more common in older age. After 45 years of age, people start suffering from back pain. At times, genetic factors may also contribute to back pain.

* People who are not physically fit tend to suffer from back pain. When stomach muscles or a weak back do not support the spine, back pain starts to happen. If you exercise too strenuously, back pain is likely to happen.

* When you do jobs that need pushing, heavy lifting, or pulling, it is possible you may injure your back. If you sit all day in an uncomfortable position for a long time, you get back pain. Maintaining poor posture all day long can lead to back aches

* When you eat foods full of fats and high calories, it is possible to go through back aches. High-fat food along with an inactive lifestyle leads to back pain. Extreme weight can strain your back.

* People with high-stress levels are more prone to back pain. If you are depressed or extremely stressed, back pain can be more severe or frequent.  Lower stress levels to get rid of back pain. Taking Pain O Soma 350 mg can be of great help in treating back aches.

Potential Causes Of Back Pain

There are many reasons for getting back pain. Let us know the main cause of back pain in the following lines.

Structural Problems:

When a structural issue develops in the spine, back pain takes place. It is imperative to note that the structural issue may develop in the muscles, discs, tendons, or ligaments.


If you develop an injury to a tendon or muscle, strain in the back may take place.


Owing to recurrent twisting of your back, ligaments in the spine may get injured. As a result, sprain in the back may occur recurrently.


When the vertebra in the spine moves out of place, you may experience Spondylolisthesis. Maintaining a proper posture is important to prevent spondylolisthesis.

Ruptured Discs:

It is an event when a disc compresses and irritates the close-by nerves. Herniated discs often take place at the lumber level. Ruptured discs may also exist in the cervical spine.

Inflammatory Conditions:

Certain inflammatory diseases may be the cause of your back pain. If a person develops other types of inflammatory arthritis in the spine, back pain may occur. To treat inflammatory conditions in the back, you can try taking Pain O Soma 500.

Medical Conditions:

People who have osteoporosis or fibromyalgia develop a risk of back aches. infections. Endometriosis in females or kidney infections or stones may also be the cause of back pain. People who have infections in the bone of the spine or discs also suffer from back aches. Tumors in the other portions of the back of the spine may give rise to back pain.

Why Does Back Pain Come Over And Over Again?

It is noticed that some people complain about suffering from back pain recurrently.  It means that the back aches come and go. The recurrent backaches disrupt your daily life. People with recurrent back pain feel difficulty in focusing their daily work.

The reasons for recurrent back pain can be depression and stress. It is observed that when you are extremely depressed, it is possible to get back pain again. You may feel that you are relieved from backaches after taking Pain O Soma 500 mg. If you are under depression or if you get constant depression bouts, back pain will come again.

Also, extreme stress levels can put pressure on your back. If you take stress over and over again, you will never get relief from back pain. Recurrent stress can give rise to recurrent back pain.

Final Words

From the aforementioned causes, it is clear the reasons for getting back aches over and over again. Following certain home remedies and taking a prescribed painkiller can help give relief from back pain.

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