Sildenafil: What Is The Best Way To Take It?

Sildenafil: What Is The Best Way To Take It?

When it comes to having problems with erections many of you may have heard of the term Sildenafil. So how do you use it? well, that is what we shall be discussing primarily in this article.

Along with this, we will also get to know about how the medicine works against ED, how to use it, common brands of Sildenafil along with loads of other useful information. So let’s begin…

Understanding the core concepts of Sildenafil

Sildenafil is a generic medicinal compound that has its purpose of use against ED. ED or erectile dysfunction is a form of male erectile disability where the affected males would be suffering from a lack of erections.

Viagra is a prescription medicine and hence anyone who would like to use this medicinal element would need to get confirmation and approval from the doctors.

As we shall find out the dose of Viagra will be carefully recommended by the doctors to an ED patient depending on their age, current health conditions, and even the severity of erectile dysfunction.

Sildenafil belongs to a family of drugs known as PDE-5 hormone inhibitors. Within this category of generic substances, there are other medicinal compounds as well such as Tadalafil, Vardenafil, and Avanafil. But Viagra was the first one ever to be recommended by the FDA for use against curing ED problems.

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How does Sildenafil perform against erectile dysfunction?


Now that you have understood what Sildenafil generic Cenforce 150 mg is, let us find out how the medicine performs against curing ED.

As we told you above, it is from the family of PDE-5 hormone inhibitors, and thus activating itself inhibits this specific set of hormones within the blood. It therefore also allows the increase of the cGMP hormones in your body.

Eventually, this hormone also sets up the way for nitric oxide to be activated eventually letting the arteries dilate causing a much higher blood pressure and blood flow to induce throughout the body.

Within the penis tissues, this rush of blood makes penis tissues highly sensitive and this is how the actual erection occurs.

How do you take Sildenafil?

Now, let us arrive at the main topic of discussion for today’s article which is how to take Sildenafil. Firstly, we shall remind you again that it is not a brand name that you can buy directly from the medicine stores.

Rather it is a medicinal compound that is used in the manufacturing of several branded versions. We shall discuss these brands later on but let us find out what are the different modes of administering Sildenafil.

Most brands of Viagra come in the form of orally swallowing medicines. Thus you simply need to swallow the whole pill with water and have it. Some of these brands include Cenforce and Fildena.

There is a separate brand of chewable medicines as well within Sildenafil. To name a few brands from this category would be Cenforce chewable, Kamagra Oral jelly, and so on. As the name suggests these are chewable pills.

Hence you will need to chew the pill instead of swallowing it. it eventually dissolves in your mouth triggering Viagra actions to begin when it mixes with blood.

Another method of administering Viagra is the sublingual category of pills. Some examples include Cenforce Professional, Malegra Professional, and so on. here you will simply need to keep the medicine in your mouth and it will only need a few minutes for the entire medicine to dissolve.

There is yet another but less common method of taking in Viagra and that is to dissolve it in water. Kamagra dispersible tablets Are one such example of pills from this category.

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What are its doses?

Sildenafil Dosage And Usage Guidelines

Sildenafil has many popular doses. The doctors would only recommend a dose keeping in mind the severity of ED, your tolerance levels to the amount of Viagra, and your other health issues if any. To treat the most feeble issues of ED, doctors would recommend going for Sildenafil 25 mg or 50 mg.

If your ED is slightly severe doctors recommend either the 100 mg or the 120 mg dose. it is not until your ED issues are very severe would they recommend you to use 150 mg or 200 mg which are the highest doses.

Precaution measures when using Sildenafil

Using Sildenafil generic Fildena 100mg also comes with certain precautionary measures. for example, the patients will need to duly follow the dose and avoid increasing the strength of the pill suddenly. Avoiding the use of alcohol and other narcotic substances would lessen your chances of having any major side effects as well.

Viagra use may not be recommended to patients suffering from high blood pressure, or cardiac and liver disorders.

Possible contraindications along with other medicines

Sildenafil helps increase blood flow through the arteries and hence it may contraindicate with other categories of medicines. These include the likes of blood pressure-influencing medicines, blood thinners, and medicines that contain contraindicating compounds such as nitrates, alpha, and beta blockers.

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Possibilities of side effects with the use of Sildenafil

Sildenafil’s minor side effects include headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps, palpitations, nervousness, and dry mouth issues.

Although rare to occur there are some severe side effects possible too. These include issues such as a severe increase in blood pressure, heavy breathing, chest pain, and priapism.

The most common brands of Sildenafil

When it comes to ED treating medicines there are specifically two different categories for any generic substance such as Viagra. On one hand, there are the FDA-approved brands where Sildenafil has Viagra. On the other, there are many generic brands of Sildenafil as well such as Super P force, Malegra, and Kamagra. Suhagra, Cenforce, Fildena, Silditop, and others.

Where to buy Sildenafil?

Buying Sildenafil you can approach your nearest medicine store. Or else another convenient option would be to buy it online from any trusted online pharmacy. Check out the offers and discounts on both these sales channels before making the final call.

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