Safe Drugs That Boost Your Brain Power

Safe Drugs That Boost Your Brain Power

The brain is the central organ that controls every action in the body. A slight better in its function can increase your overall many times, whereas slight deterioration can cause tremendous damage. In the 2nd century, our life is surrounded by machines and gadgets. And more innovations keep coming every day.

Each innovation has made our life one step more comfortable. Now the current trend of innovations includes brain boosters or drugs that enhance the activity of the brain. Just by reading this line, many would have thought of becoming Batman.

Yes, drugs like Modafresh 200 and Modalert 200 increase the efficiency of the brain which leads to better concentration, focus, and attention. But, this does not mean that you would possess superhuman abilities. You would still be the same human. Many drugs put advertisements on websites and news channels that their drug will make them more intelligent than others.

Gullible students who have not studied for the exams take these drugs with the expectation that they will score more marks. But none of this turns into reality, all those assurances are fake. On taking these drugs you should expect that you would be able to do your work or studies with enhanced concentration. And any tendency to sleep is suppressed till the drug works. Thus, it extends the period of efficient work.

For the same reason, it is used by factories working night shifts because they are needed to work for 10 to 12 hours continuously, sometimes till midnight. During the night the urge to fall asleep is highest and while working with heavy machinery one must be alert all the time.

Sleep attitude while dealing with hot boilers and mixers can cause catastrophe anytime. In this article, we shall discuss these brain-enhancer drugs in detail, their working mechanism, safety, and all of it.

What are these drugs called?

Well, different pharmaceutical companies have produced various brain-enhancing drugs of their own. But, these come under the category of nootropics, it is the class of drugs that boost cognitive performance. Though, nowadays nootropics are in trend it has been in use for many decades.

Today as the world is globalized and interconnected, someone in India is working at corresponding USA timings. Thus, his/her work begins in the evening and ends at sunrise. This is the reason most late-night workers are users of nootropics.

How do these drugs work?

Though the exact working mechanism is still not known, specific research is still going on. But, assumptions by scientists and doctors are that when dissolved in the bloodstream, nootropics have a facilitating effect on the transmission of instructions in the nervous system.

This is done by speeding up the secretion of neurotransmitters. Thus, the brain is now busy sending and receiving instructions. The tendency of sleep is thus suppressed for a very long time. Vilafinil 200 and all such drugs available in the market work in a similar manner.

But know something more about these drugs

Apart from the several benefits of the drug, one must also know that these drugs are still not allowed to be used in some counties such as Australia, Canada, etc. The reason cited is that these drugs may lead to one person becoming a winner in a competition by giving him/her an extra edge over others.

While others may possess average thinking ability but those who take these pills will have an advantage due to enhanced functioning of the brain. Their memory power, concentration, and creative thinking cannot be matched by normal candidates.

So, before looking for these drugs make sure your country allows the sale of such products, in India, US, Thailand, and many other countries the drug is free to be sold and consumed.

Is safety an issue with brain-powering pills?

In countries where the drugs are approved by drug regulating agencies, they must be taken only under the supervision of a doctor. These drugs are prescription-based, not following any rules of prescription might weaken the drug or make it less effective.

So, control your emotions and don’t just grab the pills and swallow them, read the instructions in the prescription. You should not care about safety if the drug has been prescribed by the doctor because if the drug regulator of your country has approved it then what’s the problem?

But, to be on the safe side always tell the doctor all about your medical history, any existing disorder, addictions, the food you eat, the hours you sleep, what you do in your daily life, and every aspect related to health. As the drug is related to the brain, so be extra cautious about it.

Take special care if you are currently suffering from depression, anxiety, or any psychological disorder as the actions of these drugs may mess with the existing mental problem and lead to severe troubles.

Are these ethical to use?

Talking about ethics every one of us follows different levels of morality and ethics that suit us, it isn’t the same for everyone. As to think that using these pills ends competition is surely not a valid point. In India, USA, and countries where these drugs are used, is competition over in those countries? No. This is because at the end of the day these are drugs, and not everybody’s body similarly responds to the drug. Many of them may be allergic to it or encounter side effects after initial doses.

And talking about its benefits, they are more of bringing the person out from sleepiness, fatigue, and lethargy. But people have a preconceived notion that these drugs instill something extra in a person. No, it is not. This is the reason people having issues of excessive daytime sleepiness (also known as narcolepsy) take Modaheal 200.


Whether you use nootropics or any other drug, the safety parameters remain the same. Any drug will be effective until the prescription is not violated. Specifically for these pills, use them only necessary, and don’t make a habit because it can become addictive in the long run.

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