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Labedra 20
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Overview of Labedra 20

Labedra 20 is a prescription-based drug that assures men of a hard and long-lasting erection. The problem is called Erectile Dysfunction or ED, in which getting a good erection is impossible. This makes the sex life dull and overall dissatisfaction seeps into the relationship even leading to divorce and separation. But Labedra 20 overcomes the dissatisfaction by reviving the erection in men.

What Is Labedra 20 Tablet?

Labedra 20 Mg is a PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5) inhibitor due to its action of suppressing the PDE5 while functioning. Medical shops and online websites sell the drug as capsules. Being a prescription-specific drug for perfect results take the drug as per the instructions in the prescription.


The manufacturer of Labedra 20 is none other than RSM Enterprises Pvt Ltd. It is an Indian drug-making company based in Chandigarh. It began operating in 2008 and since its operations spread across India and in overseas locations of South East Asia. RSM Enterprises specializes in the manufacturing of sexual wellness pills, weight loss, hair fall, herbal medicines, anti-depression, etc.


The active ingredient in Labedra 20 is Vardenafil which is responsible for erecting the penis. Rest components are preservatives and catalysts that complement the working of the drug.

Working of Labedra 20

Continuous blood flow to the penile region is necessary for a long-lasting erection. This is made possible by reducing the blood pressure, easing the pelvic muscles, and making the erectile tissues excessively smooth by increasing the secretion of cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate). This ensures a hard erection but to sustain this erection PDE5 is suppressed that delaying the time for ejaculation.

How To Take Labedra 20?

  • It is necessary to swallow the tablets with everyday water. Avoid using alcoholic beverages, fruit juice, soda, or any drink other than water.
  • The drug must not be broken, bitten, or chewed as it is not recommended by the doctor.
  • Labedra 20 capsules can be taken either earlier than or after a meal. The drug’s effectiveness is reduced if you consume a heavy meal before taking it.

Precaution Taking Before Labedra 20

  • The most important prescription is to abide by every instruction of the prescription. If you want to increase or decrease the strength and dosage, do it after permission from the doctor.
  • Explain to the doctor about your previous disorders, addictions, sleep cycle, current disorders other than Erectile Dysfunction, any inherent problem, etc. This information helps the doctor better assess the patient’s overall health and prescribe drugs accordingly.

Benefits of Using Labedra 20

  • Relief from poor erection

Men with low erections are found to have low self-confidence and self-esteem. So, with Labedra 20 men not only gain their sexual strength but also the lost spark in their personality.

Dosage Of Labedra 20

  • Overdose

Overdose of not only Labedra 20 but of any other drug has never caused extra benefits. But overdose has always caused fatal side effects as it violates the prescription. In the case of Labedra 20 excess doses will lead to extremely low blood pressure, temporary memory loss, low heartbeat, sudden fainting, etc. The man or woman needs to be taken to the doctor as quickly as feasible.

  • Miss Dose

It is vital to take your neglected dose as quickly as feasible when you have missed it. If the subsequent dose is much less than an hour away, skip the left-out dose and take the next one. When you’re taking your next dose, do no longer take more pills to make up for the unnoticed dose. It will lead to overdose causing serious side effects.

Avoid To Take Labedra 20

  • Refrain from taking Labedra 20 if the doctor has not prescribed it. Never take the drug without the doctor’s approval.
  • If you are currently taking another ED medication, Labedra 20 should be avoided. Using both of them will lead to fatal side effects that can be life-risky.
  • Those suffering from low blood strain need to keep away from Labedra 20.

Side Effects of Labedra 20

  • Stress

Taking Labedra 20 can cause a spike in stress levels. If the stress levels get too high then take an anti-depressant by consulting the doctor.

  • Joint Pain

Taking Labedra 20mg may lead to some patients complaining about joint pain. The pain will be less severe and will get vanished automatically in a few hours or a few days. If needed, apply an ointment to relieve pain.

Storage of Labedra 20

  • Labedra 20 should be stored between 15oC to 35o
  • It is important to keep the tablet away from direct sunlight.
  • Store the tablets in low to moderate humidity levels. Too much moisture content will make the tablets damp making them less effective.

Labedra 20 Review

Labedra 20 is a well-known drug among doctors and patients whenever treating Erectile Dysfunction is considered. Its high effectiveness and safety from side effects make it a perfect combination of safe, secure, and effective drugs. Take the drug at a fixed time for better results and never miss a dose.


Labedra 20 is beneficial in curing ED but a small mistake can result in the same drug harming us. As patients, it is our responsibility to follow the directions in the prescription. If your dose is completed then let the doctor decide whether to extend the dose or not.

FAQs –

Is Labedra 20 approved by FDA?

Labedra 20 is not only approved by FDA but many various other drug regulators like CDCSO of India, TGA of Australia, PMDA of Japan, etc.

Can we take Labedra 20 with alcohol?

You can take Labedra 20 with alcohol but doctors always advise swallowing the tablet with water only. With alcohol, the drug may react to cause harmful side effects.

Can a heart patient take Labedra 20?

Kidney, heart, and liver patients are highly critical. Any minor damage may risk the life of the patient. This is why doctors don’t prescribe Labedra 20 to such patients.

How effective is Labedra 20 in treating erectile dysfunction?

It depends on how accurately the patient has followed the prescription. Its effectiveness is the reason why the drug has been in use for decades and not only in India but across the globe.

Where to buy Labedra 20 from?

Labedra 20 can be purchased from any medical store. Or if the drug is sold out in stores look for the drug on online sites like Pills4usa which ensures super-fast delivery along with discounts.

Can I take Labedra 20 if laid low with despair?

It is the decision of the doctor whether to allow a patient depression patient to take Labedra 20 or not. But most depression patients are not prescribed Labedra 20 because their sleep cycle is already damaged.


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