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Active Ingredient (Generic Name):

Sildenafil Citrate


Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.


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Overview of Cenforce 25

  • Cenforce 25 brings major relief in the life of men who experience difficulty in satisfying their partners.
  • Poor erection or scientifically called Erectile Dysfunction or ED is the main reason behind poor performance on bed.
  • Reasons for it are endless but you cannot waste time thinking about solutions because ED has resulted in divorce, extramarital affairs etc.
  • In such a situation Cenforce 25 mg is the drug that overcomes ED in record time, provided you follow the doctor’s prescription.

What Is Cenforce 25 Tablet?

  • Cenforce 25 tablet is an ED treating solution that must be swallowed with water only.
  • The tablets are approved by major drug regulating agencies like FDA, CDCSO, TGA, PMDA and various others.
  • These tablets are prescription-based drugs hence, not following the rules of prescription will result in serious consequences.
  • Cenforce 25 pill efficiently increases blood supply in penile regions to cause an erection that lasts long.


  • Centurion Remedies is the manufacturer of Cenforce 25 Mg Pill. Headquartered in Gujarat, the company was established in 1995.
  • The company is involved in the manufacturing, packaging and distributing products pan India and oversees locations of Filipino, Seychelles and Vietnam.
  • Currently, the company has 4 manufacturing units which will further be expanded to double digits.


  • The active ingredient in Cenforce 25 is Sildenafil Citrate. You can say active reactive is the ingredient that is responsible for the main actions of the drug.
  • Thus, in Cenforce 25 Sildenafil causes erection, the rest ingredients support its actions.
  • The composition must not be debated by customers because they can’t do much about it. If the doctor has approved a drug, then take it as per the prescription.

Dosage Of Cenforce 25

Over Dose

  • In case of overdose, the person must be provided medical assistance immediately.
  • Over dose causes serious side effects like too much low blood pressure, sudden fainting, memory loss (short-term), numbness or even coma etc.

Miss Dose

  • Missing the dose makes the drug less effective which may lead to extending the dose for a week or two.
  • Take the missed dose within 2 to 3 hours after the timing of the dose. Skip today’s dose if the next dose is just an hour away.
  • Remember, not to take excess pills during the next dose because people try compensating for the missed dose.

Cenforce is available in multiple strengths such as:

How does Cenforce 25 mg work?

  • It works to improve the quality of an erection by increasing the movement of blood in the penis.
  • More inflow of blood results in more expansion of the blood vessels of the penis. Thus, the penis enlarges resulting in an improved erection.
  • To sustain the improved erection PDE5 is restricted to function. This is why it and other ED pills are categorized as PDE5-inhibiting pills.

How To Take Cenforce 25 Tablet?

  • Cenforce 25 is to be taken in accordance with each and every instruction of the drug.
  • This tablets are water-soluble, which means the tablets must be taken only with water. Avoid using alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea, juice or any other drink.
  • Do not chew, break, bite or apply much pressure on tablets, only swallow the tablets.
  • Take this tablet within an hour of sexual arousal. Don’t expect instantly after consumption of tablets. The drug will start working only if you are stimulated.

Precaution Taking Before Cenforce 25

  • Tell the doctor about the previous disorder, current health issues, addictions, relationship problems, mental health, sleep cycle etc.
  • Buy Cenforce 25 from renowned sources to avoid receiving false drugs. False websites claim branded drugs at extremely cheap prices to woo customers.

Benefits of Using Cenforce 25

Improves erection

  • It when used under the supervision of the doctor causes significant improvement in erection, for 4 to 5 hours.
  • This duration is enough to explore all sorts of sexual fantasies and fulfil them.
  • The duration may differ if you consume alcohol before taking it or you didn’t follow the instructions carefully.

Avoid To Take Cenforce 25

  • One should avoid taking it if the doctor hasn’t prescribed the drug as it will put you at the full risk of side effects.
  • Refrain from consuming it if you are under the medication of some other ED pill. Using two of them at the same time will lead to overdose.

Side Effects of Cenforce 25


Taking Cenforce 25 may bring sleeping tendency in some people. Avoid driving or work which involves great alertness and risk.

Lack of vision

Vision may be blurred for some time after taking Cenforce 25. If the situation persists for hours or a day, meet the doctor.

Other Side-Effects

  • Bladder discomfort.
  • A burning sensation might be felt in the chest or stomach.
  • Urine that is hazy or bloody
  • Urination is occurring more often.
  • Urination causes pain.
  • Stomach ache
  • A feeling of heaviness in the stomach

Storage of Cenforce 25

  • Cenforce 25 is one such drug that can easily be stored in temperatures below 35o
  • Avoid storing It in places that place where sunlight directly falls on the tablets. Sunlight is a form of energy itself that may react with the tablets.
  • It must not be stored in water-logged areas as chances of high of the tablets being damped.

Cenforce 25 Review

  • The reviews of Cenforce 25 can be viewed by simply searching its name on any medical website.
  • But don’t trust reviews of any website as many of them post proxy reviews to lure customers.
  • It’s time to post your own reviews but for that, you need to order it first.


  • Cenforce 25 must not be taken without consulting the doctor as it may cause life-threatening side effects.
  • Being a prescription, you have to show prescription while buy Cenforce 25. While shopping from online sites you need to upload the prescription.


Is Cenforce 25 an approved drug?

Cenforce 25 has got approvals from some of the most trusted drug regulators of India, the Philippines, Vietnam and several others. Hence you can trust the drug for legality.

Can we take Cenforce 25 with alcohol?

  • Taking Cenforce 25 will reduce the efficacy of the drug. Hence, the outcome i.e., the extent of erection may not be as expected.
  • This is the reason why almost all alcoholics suffer from Erectile Dysfunction.

Can a heart patient take Cenforce 25?

  • Heart patients must never take Cenforce 25 mg due to the high probability of fatal side effects.
  • Along with heart patients, those suffering from kidney and liver ailments should also avoid Cenforce 25.

Is Cenforce 25 effective in curing Erectile Dysfunction?

Whether Cenforce 25 works or it is a gimmick can be proved only if you eat the pills. Once the doctor has prescribed the drug, use it and see it yourself.

Where to buy Cenforce 25 from?

Cenforce 25 is available in almost all medical stores or renowned medical sites. Choose any shop or website but check its reviews and customer feedback.

Can I take Cenforce 25 if suffering from insomnia?

  • Using Cenforce 25 during insomnia should be avoided because the sleep-wake cycle is already under stress due to insomnia.
  • On top of that using Cenforce 25 Mg that reduces blood pressure can cause further harm.

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