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Gabatop 400
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Overview of Gabatop 400

Gabatop 400 represents a dose of the Gabatop brand of pills. It is a pill brand that ideally is made for those who are suffering from various causes of neural pain. As we will see in the later sections that the cause of the neural pain may be a disorder in itself or due to the complications of other disorders.

Generic Gabapentin is the substance that is present in the pills of Gabatop 400 as the chief ingredient to help you provide suitable effects.

What Is Gabatop 400 Tablet?

Gabatop 400 is the pill that is recommendable to you in case you are suffering from neuropathic pain or neural pain.

The exact use for the pill is for those patients who are suffering from neural pain due to an existing neural disorder such as shingles also known as the herpes zoster infection or the disorder of fits that is the experience of a seizure or an epileptic disorder. It may be recommendable for those who are suffering from a spinal cord injury as well.

As told you that some pre-existing disorders might also result in neural pain for example diabetes and the Gabatop 400 pills are also used in this case.


Healing Pharma India Pvt. Ltd. is a manufacturing rights-owning company. It is the company that also looks after inking deals with various selling agents that include wholesalers and distributors across the countries and online pharmacies. Although a majority of its sales come from local market distribution the company also receives healthy export order quantities from offshore clients and dealers.


If you wish to check the composition in case your doctor forgets to mention it, you can always refer to the back cover of the medicines.

Check out the back cover of the medicines and you will find the presence of one ingredient only and that is Gabapentin that is the amount of a similar amount which is 400mg. This is a moderate dose that is considered a good neural pain reliever for a medium category severity level.

Working on Gabatop 400

Gabatop 400 is a pill that brings relief to a patient during an epileptic attack by preventing the overactivity of the neurons and slowing down the nerve impulses.

As for curing neural pain, generic Gabapentin will work to stop the flow of electrical impulses between the brain and the affected region.

In both, cases Gabapentin will change the hormonal compositions and increase the levels of GABA receptors in the neurotransmitters of the brain.

How To Take Gabatop 400 Tablet?

Gabatop 400 Mg is from the oral group of pills. Within the oral group, this belongs to the swallowing type of drugs where you will have to swallow the pills.

Always remember to swallow the process with water and not just swallow the pills alone. This is because the pills may get stuck in the trachea region or your food pipe resulting in breathlessness tendencies or giving vomiting tendencies.

Precaution Taking Before Gabatop 400

For ensuring the right amounts of Gabatop 400mg you should not change the dose if it has been prescribed to you. Remember that changing the dose suddenly can mean the occurrence of side effects.

Along with this, you need to bring down any cases of irregularity in doses that may happen if you forget to take your pills on time. Being contraindicated with generic Gabapentin you also must avoid using alcohol and narcotic agents like marijuana and cocaine.

Benefits of Using Gabatop 400

Gabatop 400 is a medium-level dose that is ideal for curing medium levels of neural pain suffering in the patient. The other benefit of using the pill Gabatop 400mg tablet is that it can allow you a long actionable time of close to 6 hours. If you are suffering from a severe category of nerve disorder and if the doctors permit you you may even take the Gabatop 400 pills every 12 hours.

Dosage Of Gabatop 400

Gabatop 400 pills can be increased up to 800mg per day. But all of this will depend on the exact level of neural pain severity and its cause whether it is occurring from any neural disorder such as seizures or shingles or a pre-existing disorder like diabetes or a general injury to the spinal cord.


Your overdose with Gabatop 400 may only happen if the body is not able to withstand a certain dose. In such cases, if you experience any severe type side effects then you should consult with the doctors for a reduction of your daily dose to safer levels.


With a missed dose instance the problem that will happen is a sudden inconsistency in dose. And this sudden inconsistency in your dosage schedule may spring up any type of withdrawal symptom.

Avoid To Take Gabatop 400

Sometimes, patients who are suffering from allergic tendencies to the generic substance Gabapentin must avoid its use. In other situations, it may be other nerve disorders or heart disorders of a severe category where the doctors will be reluctant to prescribe you the Gabatop 400 pill.

Side Effects of Gabatop 400

It is normal for patients to experience feeble side effects during the initial days of the treatment. Generally, this will disappear over time. But in case it does not, then you must avoid using the pills altogether and ask the patients to change the dose.

Side effects-

  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Fever
  • Impairment of coordination
  • Nausea
  • Rapid eye movement
  • Peripheral edema
  • Sleepiness
  • Infections of viral type
  • Vomiting

Storage of Gabatop 400

Gabatop 400 pills are quite safe if you keep them under normal room temperature conditions. But this does not mean that you should allow the room temperature to be warmer than 30 degrees celsius as this is not fitting for the pills. Also, it is not ideal to store the pills in a place where it receives direct sunlight and where the humidity conditions are far too high as well.

Gabatop 400 Review

The Gabatop 400 has been reviewed by many patients so many times. It has been told to be a good drug by many and all of them have been able to get significant benefits in the form of reduction of neural pain.


Gabatop 400 is a pill for curing neuropathic pain for various reasons. It is a prescription pill that you need to use after properly knowing about its dose schedule, precautions of safety, and all the list of contraindicating agents.

FAQs –

Where can I buy it?

Buying comes with two choices. Online preferable users can visit Pills4USA online pharmacy while other users can visit a nearby medicine store.

What are the other doses?

The other doses of Gabatop 400 are Gabatop 800, Gabatop 300, Gabatop 600, and Gabatop 100.

What is the generic substance of the Gabatop 400?

The generic substance of Gabatop 400 pills is Gabapentin. It is from the neuro CNS group of pills.

Is it safe to drive a car?

Side effects like headache and dizziness may intervene the concentration and focus which are much in need while driving a car. Avoid driving as we recommend you to stay at home.

Can a missed dose bring about withdrawal symptoms?

A sudden stoppage of the medicines may bring forth withdrawal symptoms. Avoid missing out too frequently on doses.

Can the drug be used for curing seizures?

Yes, it is one of the already prescribed doses for curing seizures. Know its doses that are safe for you.


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