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Gabantin 300
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Overview of Gabantin 300

Gabantin 300 is the cure of epilepsy or seizures caused due to abnormal discharge of electrical signals. It can lead to situations like fainting instantly, losing the sensation of the skin, short-term memory loss, temporary blurred vision, etc. The site where electrical discharge took place becomes painful. Sometimes the pain is unbearable which makes medical attention inevitable. Thus, comes Gabantin 100 in the picture which works to lessen the pain by healing the damage in the nerve.

What Is Gabantin 300 Tablet?

Gabantin 300 has a total strength of 300 Mg and must be taken only as per the prescription. As a prescription-based drug, Gabantin 300 shows the best result when taken according to the prescription. For full benefits of the drug do not miss a single dose as it reduces the efficacy of the drug. This is sold in the form of tablets that must be consumed with water only. Its action against reducing pain due to nerve damage can be compared with the working mechanism of any painkiller.


Sun Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd is the drugmaker behind the production of Gabantin 300. With its headquarters in Mumbai, Sun Pharmaceuticals is currently one of the leading medicine makers in the world. Its balance sheet clocks billion-dollar revenues year. Starting almost 4 decades ago, today products of Sun Pharmaceutical reach every corner of the world. It is one of India’s few publicly traded pharmaceutical businesses. So, when you take any drug of Sun Pharmaceuticals such as Gabantin 300 be sure of its effectiveness.


The majority of the composition of Gabantin 300 is composed of Gabapentin. As a result, it’s also known as Gabantin 300’s active component. You don’t have to be concerned with the composition because you can’t modify it. Doctors fully examine the good and bad of a drug before prescribing it to a patient, so composition should hardly matter to anyone.

Working of Gabantin 300

This is consumed with the expectation of relieving nerve pain. A lot of reaction occurs in the body to make it possible. As soon as you take Gabantin 300 it stops the transmission of signals of pain from reaching the nervous system. As a result, the patient is no longer in agony. The damage caused due to irregular electrical discharge is cured by healing the affected sites and closing the opened ones.

How To Take this Tablet?

  • You need not be an expert to take Gabantin 300 because it is too simple. The only thing you need to take care of is to take the drug in prescribed strength and dosage.
  • Gabantin 300 being a water-soluble pill should only be consumed with water. Taking the drug with any other drink will bring fatal side effects.
  • This is a swallowable drug, therefore, do not chew, break, disintegrate or crush the tablets.
  • The drug can be taken with or without food. But try not to take a heavy meal before taking Gabantin 300 because it will slow down the action of the drug.

Precaution Taking Before Gabantin 300

  • The first and foremost precaution is to abide by every instruction specified in the prescription. Even a small mistake regarding strength and dosage will have a harmful outcome.
  • If you are suffering from any other disorder, tell the doctor about it during diagnosis. The doctor will then prescribe Gabantin 300 while keeping in mind the other disorder to make sure it does not cause trouble to the functioning of 300.
  • You should take the drug for the days specified in the prescription. Extending or reducing the duration of the dose depends on the doctor. Do not take any such decisions by yourself.
  • Take it at a fixed time daily to create a rhythm. This rhythm facilitates the reaction of the drug.
  • Do not undertake work like driving or working with heavy machinery because you may fall asleep for some time after taking Gabantin 300.


Treatment of seizures and relief from pain

Gabantin 300 benefits people who underwent the release of electrical signals from various points in the nerve. The pain caused due to electrical discharge is suppressed by stopping signals of pain from entering the nervous system. The damaged nerve is healed to ensure no more electrical discharge.

Dosage Of Gabantin 300 


Overdose is a situation of negligence when the person does not follow prescription and takes excess dosage. In the case of an overdose of Gabantin 300 life-threatening side effects seem to be knocking on the door. The best course of action is to see a doctor right away. The doctor will provide the necessary medication to lessen the damage due to side effects.

Other Alternative medicine:

Miss Dose

When you miss a dose of Gabantin 300 the rhythm is broken. To re-establish the rhythm, take the next dose at the fixed time as earlier. First of all, take the dose as soon as you get recalled that you have missed a dose it’s almost time for the next dosage, skip today’s dose and go straight to the next. Do not take excess pills in the next dose for covering the missed dose, it causes side effects.

Avoid To Take Gabantin 300

  • Those who are allergic to Gabantin 300 should not take the drug. Most likely the doctor will change the drug and prescribe some other drug to cure the seizure.
  • If you are a serious heart, kidney, or liver patient, then avoid taking it.
  • Those suffering from any mental disorder should avoid taking this medicine.

Side Effects

  • Breathing problem
  • Sleepiness
  • Lethargy
  • Narcolepsy
  • Lack of metabolism
  • Loneliness
  • Low heartbeat
  • Constipation

Storage of Gabantin 300

  • Gabantin 300 is one the most easily stored drug, it can be stored perfectly at homes or containers.
  • 10oC to 15oC is the best range of temperature in which Gabantin 300 can be stored.
  • Find a place with less humidity because moisture reacts with the drug which will make it damp.
  • Store the drug away from direct sunlight as it also reacts with the drug.
  • Do not break the pills during handling because it is useless when broken.


Go and check the reviews of Gabantin 300 from any website or medical magazine because it is a widely used medicine, clinicians and patients from all over the world share their experiences. It’s now your turn to utilize and then evaluate.


Gabantin 300 is effective in treating epilepsy with no major side effects. Get rid of this troublesome disorder and lead a healthy life. However, you must strictly adhere to the instructions.


It is safe?

Gabantin 300 is approved by the FDA, the drug regulatory of USA, CDSCO of India, and various countries. So, it is a cent percent safe to use.

Is it effective?

The drug is effective till the prescription is obeyed. You can expect the drug to show its action within 1 hour after consumption.

What do when I miss a dose?

One can go to the missed dose section for an explanation.

What to do in case of overdose?

Get an appointment with the doctor immediately. A full explanation is given earlier in the article in the overdose section.

Can a heart patient take Gabantin 300?

Heart, kidney, and liver patients are asked to avoid taking Gabantin 300 due to chances of severe side effects.

Can it take it with alcohol?

Consuming it is not recommended by the doctor. The overall efficiency of the drug is reduced by taking it with alcohol.

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