Erectile Dysfunction

How to cure Erectile Dysfunction Naturally and Permanently?

Erectile Dysfunction or ED is a disorder that makes men long for a good erection.

  • Due to various reasons which we shall study later in the article a man becomes worthless of getting an erection.
  • Few instances of unsatisfied sex can be tolerated as due to work pressure and other commitments too much in the mind can lead to less erection.
  • This is not a sign of any disease, it’s normal. But if such instances of dissatisfied sex become a regular affair, then it is an alarming situation that may need medical treatment. Like Cenforce 100 mg, and Cenforce 200 mg for treating ED in men.
  • The reason why we do sexual activity is for two reasons one is pleasure and the other is for reproduction.
  • For the purpose of reproduction, sex is done a few times, and most of the time achieving orgasm is the reason.
  • With a low/undesired erection attaining either of the goals is not possible which is an unfortunate event.

Hence, such people get dependent on counter Erectile Dysfunction pills for satisfying sexual intercourse.

The impact of ED can be felt in a survey of men when asked what is the disorder that troubles them most. The answer will most likely be ED. But the question is whether the cure for Erectile Dysfunction is only possible after taking pills. Can it not happen naturally? The answer is yes, and in this article, we shall discuss how to cure Erectile Dysfunction naturally and permanently.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

  • Erectile Dysfunction or ED is one such disorder that is caused due to every aspect of your life.
  • The food, sleep cycle, work you do, mental health, and every other aspect of life affect the probability of you becoming an ED patient.
  • Some reasons are not even in your control like several medicines have ED as their side effect. We have listed some of the relevant ones.

Alcohol consumption

  • People have portrayed a bad image of alcohol by showing people drinking alcohol as drunkards in movies.
  • But do you know that alcohol is a major component of cough syrups? So, would you stop using cough syrups when suffering from a cough? No.
  • When consumed in average quantity helps the person in reducing stress and achieving calmness of mind.
  • Thus, after the office when you return home, a small portion might help you sleep better.
  • Good sleep is obtained by the person which improves his sleep cycle and metabolism.
  • This is very much needed for a good sexual experience. So, how come alcohol is bad for health? It becomes unhealthy when you drink it without any hesitation.
  • Too much alcohol in the body stops the secretion of enzymes due to a lack of coordination between organs and the brain.
  • So, getting an erection is almost impossible in such situations.


  • On smoking several impurities find their way into the bloodstream. Some are moderately harmful but others like Carbon monoxide are deadly.
  • This gas works to reduce the oxygen content in the oxygenated blood. Thus, the organs turn less effective as they don’t get enough oxygen with blood.
  • Hence, we have to experience less productivity and weakness as cells and tissues are deprived of oxygen.
  • This is the reason why you would find most smokers suffering from ED, if not then very much likely to become an ED patient.
  • Another damaging thing about ED is that it not only affects the person who is smoking but also the person who is inhaling the smoke of a smoker.
  • Even he is likely to suffer from the same diseases. This puts the life of the smoker and the people around him in danger.

Fatty foods in high volume

  • If we leave our addictions, another thing that puts out sexual life at risk is the regular intake of several food items that are rich in cholesterol and sugar.
  • Frequent consumption of food in this category leads to obesity and diabetes.
  • Both these diseases are causes of Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Most obesity and diabetes patients complain about breathlessness, heart issues, and disturbed blood circulation.
  • They get tired easily even without walking or doing any physical activity and develop joint pain as the bones are unable to bear such a heavy weight of fats.
  • This makes the organs to get deficient in blood and to compensate for this the heart pumps faster.
  • But this action increases the blood pressure which causes high blood pressure and hypertension in the person.

Natural cure for Erectile Dysfunction

Natural treatments of Erectile Dysfunction are available that will cure erection. But this is different from using pills, the effect will not feel overnight but after weeks or months. Fildena 150, Kamagra Oral Jelly, Vidalista 20, etc are the best medications for treating ED.

No more addictions

  • Addictions must be removed from life, if not removed till now, then get rid of them immediately.
  • With addiction going on you cannot live a healthy life and imagine getting a good erection.
  • It will take time, sacrifice, and discipline but if done, not only ED but several other health issues will be prevented.

Stop or reduce fast food intake

  • As we mentioned giving sacrifice, is needed even here. We know that you love junk food more than home-cooked food. But to achieve success in bed you need to do this.
  • Fast food that seems tasty is indeed tasty but not good for your body. Too much consumption of fast-food leads to the accumulation of bad cholesterol in the body.
  • Excess cholesterol increases the weight of the person, and creates a layer of fat around the heart, thus blocking the movement of pumped blood from the heart. The organs thus, receive less blood causing a low erection.

Daily yoga and meditation

  • If detoxifying the body is the question then yoga and meditation are the answer. Yoga and meditation are answers for almost every psychological disorder.
  • Men suffering from ED also become vulnerable to mental disorders due to societal pressure, fear of being mocked due to masculinity, and such reasons.
  • All spiritual people and successful ones are good meditators. In life to concentrate on achieving your goal, an uninterrupted focus is needed which is provided by meditation.
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