Best Ed Pill For Diabetes

Best ED Pill for Diabetes

Many might scratch their heads in disbelief that how diabetes may be linked and why ED pills for Diabetes.

Well, if you are thinking the same, then cool down because an ED pill is needed for a diabetes patient because of the interlink of two disorders.

It is no mystery that diabetes patients are more likely to contract Erectile Dysfunction (ED) than ordinary men. Similarly, among ED patients a large chunk of them are diabetes patients.

A high sugar level in the blood is a bad sign for your sex life as it reduces blood pressure in the penile region.

So, if initially, you come out to know about the presence of high sugar levels in your blood, then take steps immediately or take Cenforce 100 mg, Cenforce 200 mg, and Vidalista.

Just google ED pills and see the unending list of ED pills. In such a case it becomes troublesome to choose the best ED pill that gives a good erection and at the same time is safe to be consumed during diabetes.

Surely, you cannot make this decision alone, consultation with the doctor is of utmost importance. In this article, we shall focus on discussing some of the most used Erectile Dysfunction and intricate details about them.

First, let’s know the relation between ED and diabetes

Before selecting the best ED pill for Diabetes from the lot, it is important to understand the crux of the relationship between Erectile Dysfunction and diabetes.

You can say that Erectile Dysfunction and diabetes mellitus are both causes and effects of each other. One can become an ED patient because of diabetes and similarly, if someone is suffering from Erectile Dysfunction chances are high of him coming with high levels of sugar.

Let’s understand ED first, it is a situation in which men obtain a penile erection that is insufficient for satisfying their partner.

This happens because of less supply of blood in the blood vessels of the penis which leads to less expansion of the blood vessels and ultimately low erection.

Thus, the key criterion for a good erection is excess blood flowing at the time of sexual stimulation. If supply is less, erection is good and vice-versa.

Now, in diabetes due to high sugar content in the blood, the blood vessels get narrowed. This decreases the supply of blood into the penis and it becomes blood deficient.

Pills like Fildena 100 and Super P Force work to cure ED by making situations in the penis that support the movement of blood in the penile region. Now, one question might come up in your mind why do we not then cure diabetes first then there would be no need to take Tadalista 20 or any other ED pill.

Well, the question is good but it lacks logic because diabetes is a non-curable disorder. One can only limit the symptoms of diabetes by maintaining the normal level of sugar content in the blood by taking external shots of insulin but never completely eradicating it.

The working of ED pill for Diabetes

Any pill, irrespective of the active ingredient, that assures of causing erection follows the same working mechanism. This is because each ED pill’s aim is the same, to provide a long-lasting erection.

We all know that a long-lasting erection can be provided by supplying a large amount of blood to the penis during sexual excitement. Along with the facilitation of blood flow, ED pills work to reduce the function of PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5).

It is an enzyme that reduces blood flow from the penis after the ejaculation of semen. It is due to PDE5 that after ejaculation penis loses its erection and comes back to its original shape.

Now, suppressing PDE5 will make sure there is no one to stop the blood flow in the penis. This ensures a continuous supply of blood in the penis thus, allowing for a non-stop erection for 5 to 6 hours easily. Be it Sildenafil, Tadalafil or Vardenafil each one works the same way.

Is there a best ED pill for Diabetes?

If you ask a doctor or any medical expert about the best pill the answer would be a simple no. This is because all ED pills have identical working mechanisms but the main ingredient is different.

Everyone’s body reacts differently to a different chemical. Your body may be comfortable with Sildenafil but not with Tadalafil.

Therefore, if you take an ED pill with Tadalafil as the active ingredient then you will suffer severe side effects.

The doctor after examining your total health parameters prescribes the drug suitable for your body.


So, if you see it objectively there is no competition among ED pills. It is just that take the drug which suits your body.

Play safe and obey the instructions given on the label and the prescription. Take the drug specified by the doctor and it becomes best for you.

So, whenever someone asks for your suggestion on the best Erectile dysfunction pill, tell him to take the drug which the doctor says.

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