Erectile Dysfunction

What are the treatment options for Erectile Dysfunction?

When asked what troubles adult men most of the time, if the man is involved in sexual relationships such as in marriage or with a girlfriend, then he must have heard the name Erectile Dysfunction or ED. It is next to impossible that a man at such an age not to know about erectile dysfunction.

A few decades this may be believable but surely not in today’s world because of the current health situations. For example, when teenagers below 30 years complain about suffering from heart issues, obesity, diabetes, and such life-risky disorders then suffering from erectile dysfunction is not a big issue.

In fact, the age group of men succumbing to erectile dysfunction is being narrowing for a quite long time. A few decades ago, Erectile Dysfunction was mostly considered a disorder of old men above 50 or 60.

But as earlier discussed that looking at the rise in unhealthy behavior of men, the age group has narrowed to below 40 and, in many cases, even below 30.

This is not the kind of society we wanted to cultivate where men in their prime age need to depend on pills like Cenforce 100mg, Cenforce 200mg and etc. But fortunately, erectile dysfunction is one disorder that has successful treatment so, get relief. In this article, we shall talk about such treatments you can try for erectile dysfunction.

In the beginning, know about ED

Before we move to the area to discuss the treatments of Erectile Dysfunction, we must understand what Erectile Dysfunction does to the body and why the need for treatment arises. A man after getting some sort of sexual advances experiences sexual stimulations.

These sexual advances result in men encountering erect penis due to the movement of blood in the blood vessels of the penis.

The erection will last till the moment blood is present in a sufficient amount in the penis. Once due for any reason if the blood starts exiting the penis, the erection will also get reduced in similar proportions.

In the above discussion, the point to remember is that it is ultimately the blood flow in the penis that determines the strength of erection. So, one can correctly guess that in erectile dysfunction or instances where less erection is achieved it was due to an insufficient supply of blood in regions of the penis.

Options for treatment

Going for options of treatment for erectile dysfunction, there are basically two options just like in the case of any other disorder, natural and medical treatment. Let’s discuss both here:

Natural treatment

Giving up addictions

  • Natural treatments of erectile dysfunction mean the sacrifices that one must make in his lifestyle to achieve the improvements.
  • One such sacrifice is to give up any kind of addiction, such as smoking, alcohol consumption, using drugs, etc. Any such addition must be wiped off from your life instantly.
  • Any person whose mind is under the influence of some substance cannot be termed healthy and is very like to become a patient of not only Erectile Dysfunction but any other disorder.
  • So, the first step in the natural process of curing erectile dysfunction is to move away from being under the control of any substance.
  • This is the reason you would see; that most smokers and alcoholics are examined with erectile dysfunction.
  • Hence, if you are not into any kind of addiction do not think of coming into one. And if you are an addicted man, then find ways of overcoming the addiction, the best way is to go to the rehabilitation center.

Eat pro-health food

  • Another natural way is to eat pro-health food, this means using avoiding all the junk foods that you have been munching for so long.
  • The problem is not with eating junk food if you eat once in a while because that’s normal. The problem arises when you start eating junk food in excess quantities and almost regularly.
  • Today you would observe children being super crazy for fast food items whereas adults are seen having such food items as a full meal.
  • What kind of health do you expect from such men who intake high levels of cholesterol, fatty liver, poor metabolism, poor digestion, blood circulation issues, etc? These kinds of men are very less likely to be able to last long in bed.

Exercise or workout

  • Another way to naturally boost your performance in bed is by going to work out daily. The physical movement of the body including stretching of muscles, and the release of sweat leads to the heart pumping more blood as the cells and tissues are demanding more blood.
  • Thus, from the brain to the toe all the cells become fully active when you are running or doing any physical workout.
  • Due to the smooth movement of blood penis during stimulation will not face much difficulty in receiving a good supply of blood.

Medical treatment

Till now we have talked about natural methods, and now we shall discuss medical or artificial treatment.

Talking about curing erectile dysfunction there are not many options in medical treatment, it is only about taking pills that promise 5 to 6 hours of erection.

Kamagra Oral Jelly is very much effective and must not be underestimated. These are not just fake pills but big multinational pharmaceutical companies manufacture these pills for the sexual benefit of the customer.

The pills Cenforce 200mg and Vidalista 60 mg when swallowed with water, it mixes in the bloodstream. This leads to excessive smoothening and flexibility of erectile tissues.

Hence, on attaining sexual stimulation blood quickly enters the penis leading to a superfast erection.

As said that these not only cause an erection but also help in extending that erection for long hours so that couples can enjoy as much as they want.

Like any other tablet or pill, the ED pill must also be consumed under the supervision of the doctor.

Doctors prescribe such Safest drugs for temporary as well as permanency if taken strictly for a long time including multiple extensions of dosage.


The article aims to provide readers with knowledge about erectile dysfunction and multiple options for its treatment. These do not end the options, there are many more, especially on the natural side.

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