Top 6 Fruits For Erectile Dysfunction

Top 6 Fruits for Erectile Dysfunction

If there is a disease that concerns an adult man, then undoubtedly it is Erectile Dysfunction. Some people also refer to the problem as ED, due to awkwardness. The pronunciation is subjective, relying on the occasion.

But the point of concern is ED troubles men a lot, to the extent that men need proper medical treatment for it. In cases, where men don’t get medical treatment and ignore the problem, they have to pay a heavy price.

But there is a way, by which you will spend much less and get rid of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). You may think it is a joke but it is by eating fruits. Readers may find this raging or confusing at least.

Men are used to taking Vidalista 60 pills to treat Erectile Dysfunction, hence when someone says that there are fruits for the same purpose, it is natural to not believe them the first time.

But some fruits lead to improved sexual experience with the enhancement of erection. Keeping expectations of tablets for ED is not recommended because it will not show overnight results. Rather, it takes time to become a regular lifestyle. Till then, educate yourself with the information.


One of the most common and medium-budget fruits which you can find in the nearest fruit market is watermelon. Already a heavily consumed fruit in the summer season watermelon is something that the masses can easily afford.

Hence, when the doctor says to consume watermelon it will not affect someone’s budget severely. The high water content in watermelon (more than 90%) is what its USP is.

For erection, one needs continuous and smooth blood circulation. The lycopene and L-citrulline present in watermelon relax blood vessels. This gives more space for blood to flow easily. Thus, in a way reducing blood pressure and letting erection occur easily.

Watermelon is also associated with boosting the secretion of testosterone. The male hormone is responsible for sexual activities using medicines Fildena 120 and Cenforce 100mg.


We have tried to include fruits that one can find easily near their homes and start to fight ED. Thus, bananas have to be on the list for sure.

Banana is one fruit that is available throughout the year, it is not a seasonal fruit that is available specific to seasons.

Bananas help in regulating the sodium level in the body which is necessary for fluid maintenance. It also aids in promoting anti-ED activities by increasing testosterone levels and sperm count.

Thus, Tadalista 40 improves sexual performance and in a way overcomes Erectile Dysfunction or ED.


Grapefruits of a certain variety with a high concentration of lycopene. Lycopene is so much important because of its ability to push more blood into reproductive organs.

Lycopene is a photo-nutrient and most natural consumables which doctors advise for ED treatment are rich in lycopene.

You can find grapefruits in any fruit shop; some people also call them red oranges. This is because of its similar orange color outer cover. But from within it is red. It is also a citrus fruit so you will get enrich yourself with Vitamin C.

For healthy consumption eat it raw. You can also get its juice but that is less healthy because the fiber gets lost. Besides, avoid adding sugar or any sugary item, this can make you vulnerable to the high sugar levels in your blood.


Berries are good for health, is one of the most common things one could have heard. But how its health benefits make it good for doctors to advise erectile dysfunction patients.

Berries are mostly consumed raw, even if you get berry juice somewhere. Try to consume raw berries anytime. Juice of any kind is an unhealthy variant of healthy food. So, raw berries are a much better choice.

Berries are fully loaded with antioxidants such as anthocyanins, resveratrol, and others. A survey revealed that the presence of antioxidants in berries is second highest among the commonly eaten fruits.


The alphabet starts with A, which stands for Apple. And this apple is highly beneficial. So much beneficial that it can help men get to overcome their major problem i.e., Erectile Dysfunction.

It is possible due to the high fiber content due to which blood circulation improves in the overall body.

Apples also benefit in the cure of erectile dysfunction due to the significant presence of anthocyanins, flavanones, and other antioxidants.

For the identical reason, it is stated that “An apple an afternoon keeps the physician away”. Whether you are an ED patient or not, an apple is always going to benefit you.


Erectile Dysfunction is a problem that is mostly thought to be cured by tablets only. But this is not true, the regular fruits you find in the market can also make a difference.

You must eat them regularly to see some improvements in an erection.

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