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Overview of Zhewitra

Zhewitra is an ED curable brand of medicines containing the generic ingredient vardenafil in it. As we will see below there are reasons why it is sometimes considered one of the best ED curing brands overall.

As for now just remember that the curable option that you get by using this medicine will only be for a temporary period. This means that you will be able to make use of the pills only till the time Generic Vardenafil is active and provides an increased blood flow to the penis tissues.

What Is Zhewitra Tablet?

The Zhewitra pills give you a temporary effect to complete your sexual desire of having sex. What it does is enable a man suffering from the male erectile dysfunction sexual problem to be able to bring back a hard erection once again. When you use the pills you will be given a strict dose routine to be followed along with some specific precautions.

Never should you willingly try and use this medicine on the recommendation of one of your friends? It is only a certified doctor that will weigh all the negatives and downsides of using the medicine and then only will you be able to make use of the pills.


Zhewitra pills have a brand patent owner named Sunrise Remedies. It is a medium-sized pharmaceutical and drug research firm that has all its operational activities based in India.

The company manufactures and retails drugs through its numerous sales partners which are available both online and offline. The company apart from the ED space is also manufacturing and conducting research for advanced pills across verticals of various disorders.


The composition of the pills of Zhewitra has one substance in it which we have given the name above, it is generic Vardenafil that acts to take out all your worries relating to ED and provides you with strong erectile dysfunction benefits.

Working of Zhewitra

Zhewitra pills will work by making your penis tissues fill up with blood. These actions are conducted with the help of nitric oxide which allows for vasodilation or an increase in the flow of blood. Previous to this initial vardenafil will block off the supplies and secretion of the PDE-5 hormones. It is then that cGMP starts flowing in excess amounts in the blood vessels and the penile region it can activate nitric oxide.

How To Take Zhewitra Tablet?

For you to take in Zhewitra tablet it will be by way of orally swallowing. Yes, there is always a chewable brand of pills coming under this brand name. The way you need to take this medicine will be any gulping down a whole pill with water. Just remember that it is not alcohol, not grape juice that you must use since both of them will cause side effects to creep up.

Precaution Taking Before Zhewitra

Some precautions need to be followed when you are on a regular course of the Zhewitra pills. Just as we told you above that you must not put in the pills with alcohol or grape juice as these are fluid substances that increase the chances of side effects.

Along with this doctors are also to refrain from prescribing this dose to a patient who is suffering from an extreme variant of cardiac, nerve, liver, or kidney issues. We recommend that you must stay away from using the pills when you are generally allergic to generic vardenafil.

Benefits of Using Zhewitra

The first benefit is that vardenafil comes in 4 variants. Of course, these are 10mg, 20mg, 40mg, and 60mg pills. Along with this, the prices of the pills are pretty within an affordable segment. You can also avail yourself this of pill from the Pills4USA online store or an offline shop.

Dosage Of Zhewitra

We are going to take a short look into some of the doses which you get under the Zhewitra brand of pills. To begin with, you have the Zhewitra 10mg pills which is a small dose with around 5 hours of active time.

To go higher you have the Zhewitra 20mg pills which is also a slightly feeble variant. Here also the drug effects are for around 5 hours.

To go even further you have the Zhewitra 40mg which is a moderate dose intended for likewise patients. You have around 5 to 6 hours of acting time with a single pill.

Along with this you also have Zhewitra 60mg which is a brand of pills with as many amounts of generic vardenafil to give you actions for around 6 hours.


Overdose may prove to show up negative effects. Do not use Zhewitra pills in a dose that you can’t suit.

Miss Dose

It is due to a missed dose that erectile dysfunction effects of hardness tend to slacken a bit. Remember to take your medicine course on time.

Avoid To Take Zhewitra

Zhewitra pills must not be taken by a person who is having general allergic tendencies. Do not use the pills for severe side effects sufferings as well.

Side Effects of Zhewitra

Side effects of Zhewitra pills have been recorded but such instances have been very rare.

Some of the side effects are-

  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Chest pain
  • Fall of blood pressure
  • Lower libido

Storage of Zhewitra

To store your Zhewitra pills you can choose any place in your room but the temperature must not breach more than 30 degrees Celsius. It must also have low humidity.

Zhewitra Review

Reviews on the Zhewitra pills have been good. Patients have got the desired amount of active time with strong effects on erections.


Zhewitra is a pill with generic vardenafil for male erectile dysfunction problems. It is a pill dose for giving penile hardness but acting temporarily only.

FAQs –

What is the best place to buy it?

Online purchasing options are available to you. There is also an offline option to approach a local medicine store.

What are the other doses?

The dose variants have been given above. Refer to the one that doctors prescribe you.

Zhewitra is composed of what substance?

Vardenafil a PDE5 hormone suppressing variant is the acting pill agent. It provides a maximum of 6 hours of acting time.

Is it safe to drive a car?

Driving is not safe with some side effects causing distractions while driving. Don’t drive.

How can withdrawal symptoms be triggered by a missed dose?

None of the withdrawal symptoms have yet been recorded. It is only side effects that trigger due to overdose.

Is it possible to completely cure ED with the drug?

A Complete ED cure is not possible with Zhewitra pills. Only a temporary line of action is established after intake.

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  1. yarih

    I have Erections that were less stable and occasionally failed completely. I took this medicine, and it worked great for about 45 minutes. As others have pointed out and to be turned on, it brought me back to how I used to feel and perform.

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