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Super Vidalista
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Overview of Super Vidalista

  • For all those men who are unable to make their wives happy on the bed, Super Vidalista is available in medical stores and online websites.
  • Erectile Dysfunction is one such disorder that makes the lives of couples miserable. Due to the poor erection of the male, the female in the relationship also has to compromise her sexual desires.
  • But no more because once you take Super Vidalista 80mg, orgasm is easily achievable.

What Is Super Vidalista Tablet?

  • Super Vidalista Tablet is a counter ED drug belonging to the PDE5 suppressor group of drugs.
  • Super Vidalista tablet is water-soluble, hence, it must be consumed with water only.
  • It is a prescription-based pill therefore consumption of the tablets should be according to the prescription.


  • Centurion Laboratories Pvt Ltd. is the drug maker of the Super Vidalista. The company first began operating in 2006 and since then it has built a loyal customer base.
  • Doctors consider its products as one of the most effective and safest ones.
  • Centurion Laboratories mainly produces allopathic drugs like ED pills, antivirals, antiseptics, antibiotics, anti-T. B etc.


  • There are two major ingredients in Super Vidalista, Tadalafil 20, and Dapoxetine 60. Dapoxetine is the primary ingredient whereas Tadalafil is the secondary one.
  • In the 80mg variant of Super Vidalista, 20 mg is Tadalafil and 60 Mg is Dapoxetine.

Dosage Of Super Vidalista Missed Dose

Over Dose

  • Over dose of Super Vidalista must not be misunderstood to solve ED quickly.
  • Instead, over dose always results in side effects, some of which are even life-threatening.
  • Here, over dose of Super Vidalista causes numbness, memory loss (short-term), low dopamine, depression, suicidal thoughts, or even coma.

Miss Dose

  • Skip the dose if less than 1 hour is left for the next dose or else take the missed dose as soon as possible.
  • But never try to compensate for the missed dose by taking extra pills in the next dose because it will be an overdose.
  • Missing the dose multiple times makes the drug weaker against the disorder.

Other doses with the Vidalista brand include the,

Working of Super Vidalista

  • The working of Super Vidalista involves boosting the blood supply in the penis to cause an erection.
  • Blood supply is increased in the penis by reducing blood pressure, easing pelvic muscles, and excessive smoothening of erectile tissues.
  • Now, for sustaining this erection PDE5 is inhibited which delays the process of ejaculation.

How To Take Super Vidalista Tablet?

  • Swallow the tablet with water only. Avoid using alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea, or any such drink.
  • Do not bite, chew or crush the tablets.
  • Take the strength and dosage given in the prescription.
  • One can take the drug either before, or after the meal.

Precaution Taking Before Super Vidalista

  • The main precaution is to avoid going against the instructions of the prescription.
  • Before the doctor prescribes the drug, tell him/her your medical history, current medications, any addictions, personal issues, etc.
  • Avoid consuming addictive elements during the whole course of Super Vidalista. Such items reduce the impact of the drug.

Benefits of Using Super Vidalista

Get rid of poor erection

  • Using Super Vidalista brings back the strength of solid erection needed to satisfy your partner on bed.
  • For a healthy relationship, Super Vidalista is highly recommended to overcome dull sex life.

Avoid To Take Super Vidalista

  • Super Vidalista should be avoided if you are diagnosed as allergic to the drug.
  • Super Vidalista is a drug that reduces blood pressure during working.
  • Hence, if you are suffering from low blood pressure for a long time avoid using Super Vidalista. It will reduce the blood pressure to extremely low levels causing fainting, even coma.
  • Don’t take Super Vidalista if the doctor has not prescribed it.

Side Effects of Super Vidalista


Some patients have complained about constipation after taking Super Vidalista. Use laxatives to get relief from constipation.


Headache, high-stress levels, and anxiety are common side effects. These do not require medical assistance.

Other Side-Effects:

  • Headache
  • Indigestion or heartburn
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Flushing
  • Pain in the stomach, back, muscles, arms, or legs
  • Cough

Storage of Super Vidalista

  • Storing Super Vidalista is an easy task, all you need is a temperature below 40o
  • Avoid storing Super Vidalista in warehouses or rooms where direct sunlight falls.
  • High moisture-rich places must not be used to store Super Vidalista. Moisture can react with the drug and make it damp.
  • Move the boxes of Super Vidalista with care, prevent breaking of the tablets as they are of no use if broken.

Super Vidalista Review

  • Reviews of Super Vidalista can be viewed at almost any medical website. But not all of them are trustworthy, many websites show proxy reviews to woo the customers.
  • Pills4usa is the best medical website to look for reviews of drugs and medical necessities.


  • In the end remember that even if you take the correct drug but in the wrong strength and dosage, you may not receive the desired results.
  • The dosage given to you is best for you, not for other ED patients. Someone might need 40 mg of the drug whereas someone else may need 80 Mg.
  • The distinction can only be made after proper medical expertise which only the doctor has.


Should Super Vidalista be trusted?

  • Super Vidalista is one such drug that has been used for decades in more than 30 countries.
  • Major nations like the USA, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Singapore, etc are the major users. Hence, no doubt about the trust of the drug.

Can we take Super Vidalista with alcohol?

  • Taking Super Vidalista 20MG with alcohol leads to low performance of the drug. Thus, the erection obtained may not be as long-lasting as expected.

Can a heart patient take Super Vidalista?

  • Kidney, heart, and liver patients are the first ones that get rejected by the doctors to take Super Vidalista or any ED pill.
  • This is because of their extra complex disorder, a slight side effect can risk their life.

Is Super Vidalista effective in curing Erectile Dysfunction?

  • Super Vidalista is one such drug that has more positive ratings than most other ED pills. The reviews on Pills4usa show its high efficacy in curing ED.

Where to Buy Super Vidalista from?

  • Well, there are hundreds of medical stores and online medical websites but always use Pills4usa to place your order.
  • They are the best in the market that deliver drugs at your house well before the specified time. Discounts and cashback are added benefits.

Can I take Super Vidalista if suffering from insomnia?

  • Well, you can surely take but then your insomnia has high chances of becoming even worse. Get a good sleep and avoid using any pills unless the doctor says.

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