Extra Super P force

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Active Ingredient:

Sildenafil Citrate/Dapoxetine


Sunrise Remedies Pvt Ltd


100Mg + 100Mg


4 Tablets in Strip

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6 To 15 days

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Extra Super P force
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Overview of Extra Super P Force

  • Extra Super P Force is the drug taken by men suffering from sexual difficulties such as Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation.
  • It is available in two strengths 100 Mg and 200 Mg. The drug effectively supplies enough blood in the blood vessels of the penis for proper erection.
  • Those couples bearing a dull moment in sex life should consider using it because it is a tested and tried formula.

What Is Extra Super P Force?

  • Extra Super P Force 200 mg is a counter ED drug known for its action against sexual difficulties. Chemically it belongs to the group of PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5) inhibitors.
  • It is a prescription-based drug that is sold in form of tablets. It is made by Sunrise Remedies Pvt Ltd, an India based medicine maker.
  • It is approved by the regulating agency of India, the US, UK, Russia, Japan, Thailand, France and many other countries.

Manufacture of Extra Super p Force

  • Sunrise Remedies is headquartered in Gujarat. Since 1996, the company has been producing pharmaceuticals.
  • It specializes in the production of antibiotics, antiseptics, analgesics, sexual wellness drugs, cardiac solutions, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and various other categories.
  • It exports its services to countries in almost every continent, the US being the major importer.

Extra Super p Force Composition

  • Sildenafil Citrate and Dapoxetine Hydrochloride are the active ingredients of the medication. Dapoxetine and Sildenafil Citrate are combined in equal parts.
  • Sildenafil works to cure erection of the penis and Dapoxetine helps in sustaining the erection for longer durations.

What is the use of Extra Super P Force?

Getting a good erection

  • Extra Super P Force tablet relieves the person from Erectile Dysfunction by providing a solid erection that lasts long.
  • Thus, couples get enough time to experience sexual pleasure. But remember the benefit is imparted from the drug till instruction given in the prescription is followed.

Extra Super P Force Dosage

  • Extra Super P Force uk is a prescription-based drug thus, without a proper prescription, you mustn’t take the drug.
  • In the prescription, the exact dosage which must be consumed is given. One should stick to that dosage and not take excess or less than that, or else side effects will occur.

Missed Dose

  • Missing the dose does not cause side effects but it should not be repeated. Follow the steps given below when you miss a dose:
  • Take the dose immediately after you miss the dose. If the next dosage isn’t far away, skip the missed dose and go straight to the next.
  • Try not to double the intake of pills during the next dose. Some people try to compensate for the missed dose by taking excess pills.
  • Refrain from taking the dose if the next dose is a few minutes away.
  • Do not take an extra dosage to make up for a missing dose.

Over Dose

  • Rush the person to the doctor immediately in case of overdose. Fatal side effects are upcoming if Extra Super P Force is overdosed.
  • Call the poison helpline number if the doctor is far away.

How does Extra Super P Force work?

  • Extra super p-force 200 mg works to bring back the default erection of the penis and enjoy satisfying sex.
  • For erection, the basic requirement is enough blood supply in the penis that is able to expand the blood vessels of the penis.
  • During ED this blood is stopped or reduced which leads to less expansion of blood vessels.
  • Use of this medicine eases pelvic muscles, reduces blood pressure and smoothens walls of the penis which facilitates the flow of blood in the penis.

How To Take Extra Super PForce Tablet?

  • Extra Super P Force is a water-soluble drug that should be taken with water.
  • Do not use any other beverage or drink other than water.
  • Do not crush, break or disintegrate the tablet but only swallow the tablet with water.
  • Do not take a high-calorie meal before taking the Extra Super P-Force tablet.

Precaution & Warning

  • The doctor must be explained about your medical history, current disorder, allergies, infections, addiction and mental health.
  • Follow the strength and dosage only provided in the prescription. Any change must be consulted with the doctor.
  • If you are under the medication of any other drug, let the doctor know about it.
  • In case of any side effects, stop taking the drug immediately and meet the doctor.

Benefits of Using Extra Super P-Force 200

  • Extra Super P Force if taken as per the prescription will improve the erection of the penis.
  • After completing the dose, the patient will no longer need the drug and will experience a solid erection naturally.

Avoid To Take Extra Super P Force

  • One should avoid taking Extra Super P-Force if not prescribed by the doctor.
  • If you are suffering from any mental disorder, then avoid taking this medicine as it may negatively impact the victim.
  • If you are allergic to Extra Super P Force, you should not take it. In such a case the doctor will prescribe you some other ED pill.

Side Effects of Extra Super P Force


Stress levels shoot up, blood pressure rises which makes the person imagine some negative situations mess his mental space. Listen to good music and go to sleep.


Minor itching will be experienced in private parts. Apply anti-allergic ointment after washing the affected area with clean water.


  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Hazy vision
  • Fall of blood pressure
  • Difficulties in breathings

Storage of Extra Super P Force

  • The drug can be stored at an average temperature between 15oC to 45o
  • Choose a location where the medicine will not be exposed to direct sunlight. Direct sunlight being energy itself can react with the drug.
  • Do not keep the drug in damp areas or places with high humidity. The drug may react with the moisture in the air making it useless.
  • Hence, choose a storage place that is clean, dark and dry.

Extra Super P Force Reviews

  • Reviews of Extra Super P Force are more than encouraging.
  • Though the situations of every patient are different but seeing reviews helps get an overview.


  • Extra Super P Force is after all a chemical in a certain proposition that makes the drug work effectively in the body.
  • Certain rules are given in the prescription and in the label which keeps the reactivity of the drug at moderate levels. The moment the prescription is violated things turns dangerous.


Is Extra Super P Force 200 worth it?

The drug has solved the problem of ED and premature ejaculation of millions of couples to date. The reviews themselves show the efficacy of the drug in curing the disorders.

Where to Buy Extra super P Force?

You can get Extra Super P Force from a medical store or online portals. Either way, you need a proper prescription to purchase the drug. Buy Extra super p force online from Pills4USA.

What to do if I overdose on the drug?

Immediately fix an appointment with the doctor because an overdose can bring harmful side effects to the body.

Is Extra Super P Force is safe?

Extra Super P Force is a medication that requires a prescription. Hence, it is safe to use till prescription is followed strictly.

Can it take with it Alcohol?

No. Taking it with alcohol will reduce its impact.

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