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Sildenafil Citrate


Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd


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Caverta 50
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Overview of Caverta 50

  • Caverta 50 mg is a brand of ED curing pills. if you wonder what ED is actually, it is a type of male sexual disorder that is occurring in the penis of the victim.
  • This disorder will completely diminish your capabilities to gain an erectile hardness or better said an erection.
  • It is thus that you have to make use of an inducing substance such as Sildenafil that you find in the Caverta 50 mg tablets that can allow you to get a hard penis.

What Is Caverta 50 Tablet?

  • Caverta 50mg is a medicine that works in favor of the persons to enable them to get a hard erection.
  • We state that for better effects of using the medicine you visit a doctor first and ask them to give you a recommendation to using this pill first.
  • The doctors are going to recommend you the brand, the dose, a dosage schedule, a timeline for treatment, and also the list of precautions that you need to undertake before taking the Caverta 50mg pills.


  • The manufacturer of the Caverta 50 sildenafil citrate pills is one of the most renowned and famous companies in India known as Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • Due to its high innovation and strong efficacy of pills the company is known among the list of top pharmaceuticals companies in the world.
  • The company has a huge array of distinctive medicines in its kitty and also sells its drugs to many countries of the world including many continents.
  • Its major markets overseas include the US and Europe.


  • The composition of the pills when checked upon, you will find the presence of one major substance in it that is Sildenafil.
  • This PDE-5 hormone inhibiting ingredient will induce vasodilation actions in the penis tissue to allow more blood to flow through them which gives you a penile hardness.
  • The composition of Sildenafil may vary with the strength of the drug and the two are directly proportional.

Dosage Of Caverta 50

  • Now that you know much about Caverta 50 let us find out some of the doses that you can avail of under this brand.
  • So the list of doses begins with the smallest dose being at 25mg.
  • The next smaller variant is 50mg and both these doses are ideal as a startup dose or someone suffering from feeble ED.
  • With Caverta 50mg you can choose the standard dose which is ideal for curing mild to moderate varieties of the disorder.
  • When you further higher you can access Caverta 50’s 150mg and 200mg doses that are ideal for patients with a severe form of ED disorder.


  • An overdose occurrence means that the current dose of pills is just too much for the patient to deal with.
  • Talk to the doctor about restructuring your dose. Overdose may lead to side effects depending on the capability of the patient to sustain the drug effects.

Miss Dose

A missed dose occurrence may lead to suffering from ED back again and not being able to generate hardness in your erections. This is because of no action of Sildenafil.

How does Caverta 50 work?

  • Caverta 50 pills that contain Sildenafil will first take some time to eject Sildenafil which is the main active component of the pills.
  • When it ejects, it instantly allows the blood flow through the penis tissues to increase and this occurs due to the vasodilation action.
  • This occurs due to two reasons one is the inhibition of the PDE-5 hormones and the increase of the cGMP hormones that trigger nitric oxide a natural vasodilating agent that is present.

How To Take Caverta 50 Tablet?

  • For intake of Caverta 50 tablet which needs t to be done orally via swallowing have some water in a glass.
  • Next, take out the pill from the sachet and put it in your mouth. Pour some water in your mouth, not much, only that much which helps swallow the pill orally.
  • And now simply gulp down everything and wait for the next 30 minutes or so to enable visualizing a hard and erected penis.

Precaution Taking Before Caverta 50

  • Caverta 50 pills do come with a list of precautions of their own. Some of the precautions include avoiding alcohol, grape juice, and narcotic pills.
  • You see the problem is that all these substances come under the high contraindication category.
  • Along with this, you need to avoid having an overdose or a sudden upgradation of dose. This may be quick to evoke side effects.
  • We also ask you to avoid using the pills when suffering from a severe cardiac disease, blood vessel disorder, or those suffering from frequent blood pressure fall problems.

What Benefits of Using Caverta 50?

  • Well, certainly there are some advantages of using this brand of ED curing pills.
  • First of all, it contains the generic substance Sildenafil in it which by far is the most popular substance for curing ED cases.
  • This substance is also popular by the name of generic Viagra.
  • Another advantage is the brand of medicines having so many different dose varieties.
  • With so many different dose varieties you can certainly find a dose that suits you the most.
  • The other main benefit is that being a prescription substance you always have to approach and get written approval from the doctors to use this medication.
  • This disallows the chances of an overdose to a huge extent.

Avoid To Take Caverta 50

Avoid taking in Caverta 50 when suffering from excessively severe side effects. Other occasions for avoiding it include having a general allergic tendency with generic Sildenafil or taking some form of contraindicating drugs with Sildenafil.

Caverta 50 Side Effects

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Chest pain
  • Fall of blood pressure
  • Priapism
  • Lower libido
  • Rashes

Storage of Caverta 50

Caverta 50 pills when stored in room temperature conditions of less than 30 degrees Celsius with low humidity serve as the best storage conditions.

Caverta 50 Review

Caverta 50 has strong positive review comments from its members. The reviews mostly describe the strong efficacy of the pills to generate a hard penis erection with little to nil side effects.


Caverta 50 use can provide you with a good pill option for a temporary ED cure. But it also comes with a list of precautions that you must follow.


Where form can I buy Caverta 50?

For availing of the pills either you can prefer the online option to buy the pills from an online store or else visit the local pharmacy store in your vicinity to buy the pills. first, know about your buying preferences. Buy Caverta 50 mg online from Pills4USA.

What are the other doses?

Some of the doses of Caverta 50 doses are 25mg, 50mg, Caverta 100mg, 150mg, and 200mg. choose a dose that only the doctors recommend. Do not go about selecting the wrong dose as this may cause side effects.

What is the generic substance of Caverta 50 pills?

Sildenafil a PDE-5 hormone inhibiting substance is the generic substance of the pills. it can bring about blood supplementing flow through the arterial network on the penis.

Is it safe to drive a car?

Driving is one of the few activities we recommend staying away from. Suffering from headaches and dizziness should not promote you to drive a car.

Can a missed dose bring about withdrawal symptoms?

No, there are no chances of withdrawal symptoms. But the problem is that your penis will not erect itself.

Can the drug be used for longer bed performances?

It is not a male performance enhancer on the bed. Avoid it for delaying the staying time on the bed.


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