Azeetop 100 DT (AZITHROMYCIN 100 MG)

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Azeetop 100 DT (AZITHROMYCIN 100 MG)
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Overview of Azeetop 100 DT

  • Azeetop 100 DT is a medicine that is of the antibacterial type and helps you to get rid of various bacterial infections.
  • The benefit of using this pill is that it can help you to recover from bacterial diseases and disorders in multiple places such as the respiratory tract, ear, nose throat, lungs, and skin.
  • The medicine is prescribed to patients on the recommendation of a doctor.

What Is Azeetop 100 DT Tablet?

  • The Azeetop 100 DT is an antibacterial pill helping you to recover from bacterial infections and disorders.
  • The doctors prescribe the use of the medicine in short-term durations only.
  • For you to use the medicine you will need to visit a doctor.
  • They will check and diagnose the exact type of bacterial infection you are suffering from including its severity level post which doctors may recommend using the Azeetop 100 DT pills.


Healing Pharma India is a company that is based in India. Apart from selling the pills in the domestic markets in India, the company sells them to foreign markets around the world as well.


  • Azithromycin is an antibacterial generic substance that is present as the medicine’s core substance to bring about a cure.
  • This substance is quite effective to give a cure to several different types of bacterial infections.
  • Azithromycin may take some time to work on the bacterial infections but overall in due time, it will help you to get rid of when you go as per the dosing schedule set by the doctors.

Dosage Of Azeetop 100 DT

  • Azeetop 100 DT is the smallest dose of generic Azithromycin.
  • Apart from this dose you also have higher doses such as the Azeetop 250 or even Azeetop 500..
  • Any dose that the doctors recommend is after careful considerations of your age, the type of bacterial infection you have, severity levels, and how much you can cope up to the use of the medicine.

Over Dose

  • Overdose may bring upon the actions of side effects. Generally being the smallest dose there are very few chances of formation of an overdose.
  • It generally is a scenario that indicates that you might be naturally allergic to using the pills.

Miss Dose

  • When you miss out on a dose the effects of generic Azithromycin become inconsistent.
  • It may not allow you to find recovery very early and may prolong the treatment term.

How does Azeetop 100 DT work?

  • Azeetop 100 DT with generic Azithromycin in it can help you to recover from bacterial infections.
  • When there is a constant level of dose, Azithromycin will work to check the growth of the bacteria and eventually kill it.
  • It achieves this by allowing to create a hostile situation for the bacteria to thrive by dissolving the cell wall.
  • Thereafter with constant dose the bacteria not being able to thrive in such a hostile environment eventually die out.

How To Take Azeetop 100 DT Tablet?

  • You generally have to take a regular course of Azeetop 100 DT pills for a few weeks.
  • During your course term, you could be recommended to a daily dose or else even two or three pills per day depending on the type of bacterial infection and the severity level.
  • Doctors will determine a dosing schedule that is at par with your body’s capability of using generic Azithromycin and also such that it does not lead to an overdose.

Side Effects of Azeetop 100 DT

  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Pain in the abdomen
  • Diarrhea

Precaution Taking Before Azeetop 100 DT

  • Patients need to inform doctors if they are using any type of antibiotic medicines at the time of prescribing the dose.
  • You also need to mention to the doctors whether you have any pre-existing physical disorders such as the ones relating to the kidney and liver.
  • We ask you to avoid a relentless higher dose as this may cause side effects. also do not miss doses since it is the constant actions that can bring you potent positive results.

Benefits of Using Azeetop 100 DT

  • Azeetop 100 DT is the smallest dose of the brand. It can help you to recover from mild infections only.
  • This is the ideal dose for someone who is just starting upon a course of it and does not know whether they can suit Azeetop 100 DT.
  • One of the better sides of using the pills is that being a small dose does not allow any of the major side effects to occur.

Avoid To Take Azeetop 100 DT

Being the smallest dose Azeetop 100 DT might only be recommended to stop intake when you are naturally allergic to using Azeetop or generic Azithromycin.

Storage of Azeetop 100 DT

  • Storing your pills of Azeetop 100 DT is ideal when you find storage conditions of less than 30 degrees with lower humidity levels.
  • Find a suitable place that is shady and such that the pills do not come with direct contact with sunlight.

Azeetop 100 DT Review

  • The reviews of Azeetop 100 DT give you an idea that Azeetop 100 does have a good efficacy at least in curing mild bacterial infections.
  • The pill can come of use in kids from 12 to 18 years ago but even in adults who have feeble bacterial disorders.


Azeetop 100 DT is a small antibacterial dose used for curing various types of disorders. It can help you to recover fully within a few weeks.


Where can I buy Azeetop 100 DT?

Check out for buying on the online websites or approach to see if the local medicine shop has a stock of the pills.

What are the other doses?

Other doses are two and both are of higher strength. These include Azeetop 250 and Azeetop 500.

What is the generic substance of the Azeetop 100 DT?

Azithromycin is the substance to give you a cure. It can help you in curing bacterial infections.

Is it safe to drive a car?

Driving a car is generally not very unsafe. But avoid it when having dizziness or nausea.

Can a missed dose bring about withdrawal symptoms?

Withdrawal symptoms are non-existent. It may crop up only during an overdose.

Can the drug be used for curing bacterial infections completely?

Yes, it can help you to recover from bacterial infections completely. It needs to be feeble type only.


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