A Sleep Disorder Is A Narcolepsy

A sleep disorder is a narcolepsy

What happens in normal circumstances? Our natural tendency is to fall asleep at night and remain awake during the day. It is the usual sleep cycle for most of us, but not all of us.

Many people experience a situation where they do not fall asleep at night. Rather, they feel the need to sleep during the day. Now you may feel is sleeping during the daytime is a health issue. Because many of us especially after lunch take a short nap.

Does this make them narcolepsy patients? No, but suppose while working on something suddenly you feel the need to sleep. Now, that need to sleep is so intense that you become unconscious and fall asleep immediately while your laptop is on.

This may sound strange but patients with narcolepsy actually experience this frequently. They are unable to do anything with high focus and concentration. In fact, in some jobs, it is strictly advised not to employ a narcolepsy person.

For example, while hiring drivers or factory workers, it is strict not to take a narcolepsy person. While working with heavy machinery or driving for long hours you need a high level of concentration and alertness.

A sudden sleep attack could risk the lives of a person as well as the people around him. Such people find relief by taking Modalert 200 and Modafresh 200. Learn more about narcolepsy by reading the entire article.

How does one become a narcolepsy patient?

·        Irregular sleep

All of us are not born narcoleptics. Until we give pressurize our default sleep cycle everything goes perfectly. It all starts with sleeping at an irregular time, lacking sleep, etc.

When such habits of short sleep become common, the mental state is disturbed and so is the sleep cycle. In the beginning, you feel dizzy in the morning, less active with always longing to sleep.

So, if you want to prevent narcolepsy, do not sleep irregularly. Establish regular sleep time and stick to it. Few days when work is more, not sleeping timely is tolerable and less harmful. But making it a habit makes you vulnerable to not just narcolepsy but other sleep disorders.

·        Alcohol consumption

Another factor that affects the sleep cycle is the consumption of alcohol. The effects of alcohol on your sleep cycle and mental health are serious.

Alcohol is consumed to ease stress and make the person feel relaxed. This will happen when you take it in limited quantity. Once you exceed the capacity, it starts having negative effects.

Your body may fall into a deep sleep as a result. Usually, you sleep for 5 to 6 hours but excess alcohol could make you sleep for even 10 hours. For the same reason, people addicted to alcohol are more likely to face narcolepsy symptoms.

·        Consuming stimulants

For some people, stimulants are needed but this need slowly becomes a habit and further into addiction. Stimulants are basically items that increase the alertness in a person, in other words, they will not allow you to sleep.

If a few minutes ago you were feeling sleepy like hell, drinking a cup of any stimulant or swallowing such a tablet will overcome that sleepiness.

People who have to work during the night like night shift employees usually consume stimulating tablets like Vilafinil 200 to keep sleep away. Now, these medicines turn into addiction after a point.

Even if you don’t need it, your body will want it. So, try to remain away from such pills unless given by the doctor. A natural stimulant can be coffee or any beverage with a significant quantity of caffeine does the same job.

Within 10 to 15 minutes of consuming, these stimulants increase the blood pressure and secretion of neurotransmitters. This leads to messages from other organs reaching the brain in an increased amount. Hence, the brain gets busy sending and receiving messages and the tendency to sleep goes away.

·        Regular stress

One of the major causes and budding reasons for narcolepsy is continuous. It seems that in today’s generation, most of them are stressed. Some are stressed due to careers, others for relationships and other reasons.

But stress is something which will never go from our lives. What we need to focus on is stress management methods.

Stress could stem from any small reason like a scolding from a boss, or argument with a friend/wife etc. This could take a deep place in your mind and you will think all about it. This could seriously impact your sleep cycle and even cause cardiac and blood pressure problems.

Possible ways of treatments

Before finding ways of treating narcolepsy, let’s find out whether narcolepsy is curable or not. Fortunately, narcolepsy is very well-curable. You can either cure it by medications or by natural methods.

·        Medications

Anti-narcolepsy medicines are available that try to restore the sleep cycle. It keeps the person awake in the daytime and increases focus and concentration.

In the beginning, you may face reactions like issues with sleep. This will happen because the medicine is trying to mess with the sleep cycle and bring it back to what it was before. Hence, head pain, lack of concentration, and sleepiness, in the beginning, are quite normal.

·        Other methods

Other methods besides gulping medicines are:

·        Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation can cure any mental or sleeping disorder. Exercise heals the sleep cycle, normalizes blood pressure, and calms the mind.

It feels as if someone has pressed a reset button. You will need a high level of discipline and patience to achieve visible results with this method. You need to include it in your lifestyle by doing it regularly.

·        Listening to music

Music therapy is also practiced to cure sleeping disorders like narcolepsy. It is scientifically proven that music influences the mood, release of hormones, and even your overall productivity.

You can consult a psychiatrist about it and you can try such music at home as well. Even this method will need some time and discipline.

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