A Healthy Bone Needs More Than Just Calcium: The Role Of Other Nutrients

A Healthy Bone Needs More Than Just Calcium: The Role of Other Nutrients

Are you suffering from bone-related issues? Do you have problems with your bones? Aren’t you able to move your joints?

As you grow older, it is natural to experience a lot of bone issues which can hamper your daily activities. If your bones have become brittle, then you will not be able to move your hands or legs properly. It is necessary to keep your bones healthy by looking after your bone health.

Bones play an imperative role in your body.

The role of the bones is to safeguard organs, provide structure, store calcium, and anchor muscles. Right from your childhood, you should make your bones strong so that you can enjoy good bone health in adulthood.

As you age, your bones tend to change. Your body makes new bones faster when you are young. When you reach 30, bones become stronger. The bone mass starts to lose as you grow older. When your bones become brittle and weak, you experience osteoporosis.

Depending on the bone mass your body has made by the age of 30, you experience osteoporosis accordingly. Men are more susceptible to bone issues and they develop serious bone issues. It is a fact that healthy bones need calcium.

Apart from calcium, there are other nutrients that your bones need to make them healthy and strong. Cenforce 200mg might not be necessary when your bones are robust.

Which Other Nutrients do You Need For Your Healthy Bones?

Several factors that affect your bone health such as a low-calcium diet can make your bones brittle. You may experience an increased risk of fractures and early bone loss if you do not have sufficient calcium in your diet. It has been observed that physically inactive men are more prone to osteoporosis. Men who use tobacco and alcohol are also susceptible to osteoporosis.

Many research studies have proved that consuming tobacco leads to weak bones. Consuming alcohol regularly can also increase the risk of osteoporosis in men. Your growing age contributes to dead bones.

When you are old, your bones start narrowing which in turn leads to weak bones. If you are underweight, then you develop a risk of weak bones. If your thyroid levels are too high, then you may be prone to weak bones. Bone loss starts to develop when you have high thyroid levels. Which nutrients are needed for your strong bones?

Vitamin D:

Vitamin D which is popularly known as a sunshine nutrient is reckoned as one of the imperative vitamins which your bones need to stay healthy. Along with calcium, you should take vitamin D which gets absorbed in the intestines. The intake of vitamin D can strengthen your bones.

Vitamin D helps maintain bone health and helps increase the density of bones. You can encompass vitamin D in your weight-reduction plan which can help toughen your bones. Have vitamin D intake through sardines, salmon, swordfish, mackerel, egg, yolks, and fortified ingredients. Have sufficient vitamin D in your diet so that you do not have to suffer from bone issues and you do not have to take Vidalista 60mg


Phosphorus is another imperative nutrient for bone health. Phosphorus is a vital part of bone minerals. It also helps neutralize acidic foods which would prove to be harmful to the bone. Have phosphorus-rich foods which are also protein foods. You can get phosphorus from legumes, fish, meat, soybeans, eggs, milk, and whole grains. Increase your bone health by consuming phosphorus which in turn can prevent you from using Kamagra Polo


Like all minerals and vitamins, magnesium also performs a vital role in keeping accurate fitness. Having magnesium can regulate proper vitamin D and calcium levels in your body which can improve bone crystal formation and can improve bone health. Having magnesium in your diet can reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Have sufficient collard greens, okra, bok choy, avocados, legumes, nuts, and whole grains.


Zinc is an important dietary micronutrient whose fundamental role is to develop cells and build strong bones. For strengthening and mineralizing bones, you should have sufficient zinc. Derive zinc from pork, beans, beef, shellfish, yogurt, and whole grains. You can increase your daily calcium intake by having tofu, chia seeds, oranges, beetroots, and almonds which are high in calcium.

Vitamin A:

Improve your neurological functions, and eyesight and have healthy skin by consuming vitamin A which can also strengthen your bones. The best way to improve your bone strength is to have vitamin A which can be obtained from fortified foods, beef liver, sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, and eggs. Have a high intake of vitamin A so that you do not have to suffer from weak bones and you do not have to resort to Fildena 150mg

Final Words

Having strong bones is extremely necessary for your good health. You will be safe from bone problems and osteoporosis by consuming the aforementioned nutrients.

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