Shipping Rates And ETA

After the successful processing of your order, you might be interested to know about the shipping rates and ETA.

While you can find details of your shipping charges on your order summary which we send you via email you will also get an ETA mentioned in the final bill that you will receive in your email.

All details about the medicine brands and doses and their respective prices along with order date and time will also be mentioned in the bill itself.

Here are some useful information that you might want to know about shipping rates and ETA from us-

Can you get free shipping on

Of course, you can get your entire shipping charges canceled from us. we will deliver your medicine package to you free of cost provided you meet the terms and conditions.

So the basic criterion for free shipping is to order a few select medicines above the minimum threshold amount. If your order of a selected brand is beyond a certain price then the entire shipping charges will get canceled.

The brands for medicines coming under the free shipment category along with the minimum price for each order may change from time to time. Do check out for it before you order.

Are our shipping rates favorable?

Yes, we have very low shipping charges in general. Even if you don’t qualify for the free shipment criteria then there is no need to worry as our delivery charges across the US are quite low.

You will find the entire charges for shipping and couriers right on the order confirmation list itself before you go on to proceed with the final order confirmation.

How to track the shipping and progress of your package?

We have a live shipment tracking facility available on our shipment tracking page itself. Here all you need to do is share your order number or bill number and then you will be able to check with the progress of your shipping right itself. It includes every detail as to when your package arrived and departed at each sub-office or courier depot.

Are shipping charges refundable?

Sometimes the customers wonder whether on cancellation after receiving their package will they get back their shipping charges. We would like to state that once your order is shipped from our end which you can as well confirm the shipment tracking page itself, this charge head is non-refundable.

If you want to get back your entire shipping charges then you have to submit an order cancellation and refund request with us before we ship your product.

What is ETA at

At we understand your medical emergency for ordering any pill. We commit you to deliver within the fastest possible time. At you will generally not have to wait longer than 24 hours till you get your package delivered right to your home. but under some exigency and emergency conditions, your package delivery makes takes more time than usual. This includes any critical weather or climatic changes, customs delay, loss of package at our end, and others. We will duly inform you before in such cases.


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