Safe And Secure Shopping

With you always find a safe and secured online platform for shopping medicines online. Here we always keep the safety and security of our customers as the topmost priority. We have enabled our website and its payment pages to be secured with the most advanced firewalls. The connectivity for payment is based on a peer-to-peer basis that ensures end-to-end connectivity for safe and secured transactions. The payment portal is fast and assures sending money online.

To cater to our wide group of customers across the US we have multiple platforms for payment that ensure that you can safely do transactions online.

Anonymity at its best

We keep all your online entity and information safe and anonymous from others. You can always depend on us that your information is safe and is not being shared with other entities and third parties for marketing purposes.

All your personal information, payment information, and other information are safely stored on our digital locker servers that are protected with highly advanced encryption-based server technologies.

A secured platform for online payment

We have a platform where you can shop for your medicines online completely hassle-free. You don’t need to visit any website as we have our payment gateway and online payment section where you can complete your payments in a go.

For the safety of customers and keeping their online payment information confidential, we have enabled a 256 bit SSL encrypted gateway for safe and fast online payment. As we told you above that this payment technology is based on securing an end-to-end payment link that is protected by the 256-bit encryption technology. As a result of which you can always pay safely and securely to us without the trouble of delay in payments, payment cancellations.

Paying us cannot get easier than paying us because we accept all forms of online payment through mobile banking wallets. We also have tied up with the most reputed banks across the US to enable you to use a net banking facility to pay us. And you can also pay us through debit and credit cards.

For doubts and any queries you can always get in touch with us

If you have any queries and doubts you can always look to communicate your problems to us. we have our customer care and feedback number where you can contact our over-the-phone customer service executives and get your doubts resolved. You can also get in touch with us via email if you want to.

How to make payments on our portal?

You can make payments on our portal in simple steps. Once your cart is ready you just have to proceed to the payments page. Then all you have to do is choose your preferred mode of payment and then enter the details of your payment options as selected carefully. We would suggest you cross-check before proceeding to correctly enter all numerical and data values.

Once done you can advance wherein you will get your order confirmation details page. Go through it once and finally pay us.

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Hours of Operation We are open 24*7 Silver Empire, Surat-394150

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