Refund and Returns Policy

At times customers may not feel the requirement of medicine anymore after they have already ordered the medicine at our portal. In such cases, they would want to return the package to us and take a refund.

Doing this is possible at but it does come with some rules and conditions which you do need to keep in mind.

Below given are some of the critical information regarding return and refund at which is important for the customers to note.

Can you apply for a Return and Refund order?

Yes, as mentioned above you can apply for a return and refund order. At you can cancel your order any time until it is delivered to you and even ask for a return and refund after you have received the delivery of your medicine package.

But in the second case, there is a maximum time frame within which you have to send a request to us. And this time is a total of 7 days from the date you receive your package at your doorstep.

How do you apply for a return and refund order?

If you wish to ask for a return and refund then the request for the same needs to be put online. We accept online requests but you can also call on our customer helpline number to cancel your order.

If you wish to make the request sent to us online then you can do so by clicking on the return and refunds tab. But this is a verification process and we will be sending you an OTP to your mobile number and emails which you need to put to progress and finalize your order.

Are there any changes in this?

Of course, applying for a return and refund order any time post the time we ship your order from our office you are liable for a return and refund charge.

This amount will be deducted from your entire refund amount and you don’t have to pay for this separately.

How long till the return and refund order is Successfully Executed?

Generally, once you post the return and refund order its processing time may take around 7 working days. Our representative will be visiting your address to collect the order and once satisfied with the non-use or non-tampering of the product, our representative will give us information regarding approval for processing the refund amount to your bank account which we will go ahead within due time.

How will the refunds be Done?

All refunds will be made via online mode. We will initiate a direct refund to your back account post deducting all the charges. No refunds will be made via cash. The customer needs to have a valid and active bank account to enable us to process the refund order.

What do you have to note carefully for a Successful Refund?

While we are processing your refund you must mention all details of your bank account correctly. In case you do not receive the refund order it is not something which we are liable for. The customer needs to report the same to us.

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