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Get 100% authentic medicines for your cure

At you can get a guarantee of 100% that you will buy only authentic medicine brands. We do have existing contracts with all established pharmaceutical companies in the US that make us an online agent for them to sell their medicines online through our website. You may check out all our partnered medicine and pharmaceutical companies by visiting our website.

We have valid licenses that make us a trusted entity for conducting online medicine sales. You can check out all the brand names and their composition online from the manufacturer’s website and compare them to those available on ours if you wish to crosscheck.

Guarantee to deliver orders again in case of lost packages

It may happen at times that your package was lost during transit and for which none other than us we hold responsible. We duly regret the high inconvenience that we caused you.

These cases are very rare although not something that is entirely impossible. In such cases, you will be duly informed about the news in advance.

In such cases, we also give our customers the provision to wait till we repackage and reship the order once again. If you don’t want, then you can always cancel your order and get the refund ordered from us.

The repackaging and reshipment of your products do not need any payments to be done on your behalf. We will pay for it.

Guarantee to deliver within the next 24 hours

We always commit to you within the shortest possible time. At you have the medicine package delivered to you right on the next day of making the order. We have just a 24 hour waiting period for delivering your package of medicines right at your doorstep.

But at times due to external emergencies or any natural weather calamities, it may happen that delivering to your address is not possible within 24 hours.

In such cases, we will again inform you in advance. You can always bear the delay at our end or else if it is getting too much delayed then you can always cancel your order.

Guarantee for availing discounts and offers

At you can get discounts and offers on every purchase. Along with this we also try and bring forth for our customers a whole new world of discounts and mega offers through weekly discounts, monthly discount sales, and yearly discounts.

The offer for such discounts and offers is only available for a fixed period. If you wish to avail of the discount then you have to order within the cut-off date.

Now sometimes these offers may be available for all purchases or sometimes they may be given on a few specific medicine brands only. We suggest you look into the discount offer in detail to know sufficient information such that you can avail the offer.

Guarantee for availing a specific brand

At you can get all varieties of medicines, but at times our stock might get exhausted during which you might not be able to buy it. The availability of any medicine brand is subject to the availability of stock.

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